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Essential Wedding Preparations For The Big Day

Essential Wedding Preparations for the Big Day

A wedding is a life-changing affair, but wedding preparations can provide a real challenge without careful planning. La Belle looks at a list of the necessary steps for a wedding to help you create the perfect event and reduce the stress. After all, weddings are lovely occasions to profess your love, not problematic obstacles. So, do your best to enjoy every bit of the process and wow everyone with your wedding gown

Essentials in Wedding Preparations #1 – Budgeting 

Budgeting should be the first thing on the minds of couples interested in tying the knot. The tricky part is accounting for every bit of the wedding event – this includes venue booking, gown rental, professional fees (i.e., hairstylist and MUA), and miscellaneous items such as wedding favours. 

Don’t stress over it alone and discuss it with your partner every step of the way. After all, two heads are better than one – in most cases. Work together to avoid unexpected costs that might blow the budget. Remember that life continues after a wedding celebration, so don’t overspend to the point of being burdened by financial woes after the event.

Essentials in Wedding Preparations #2 – Venue Recce

A wedding can be anything you want it to be – where dreams become a reality. Think about it – you get to choose the perfect outfit and environment to declare your love. Most brides have romanticized about the magical moment since they were young girls – and it is finally coming to fruition. 


Wedding locations/venues play a vital role in setting up the stage for your epic “I Dos” but always perform a site recce before your event. The recce is extremely important, especially for outdoor locations where the flora, fauna, and weather may act against you. For outdoor venues, be mindful of terrain (grassy patches will become muddy and messy after rain), shade spots, and beware of mosquitoes and other bug infestations. Although you will have your event on a separate day, these issues will probably linger. 


Remember to perform a recce for your pre-wedding photography as well. For indoor locations, look out for power sockets, pillars, and take note of the ballroom layout to help you plan your reception and wedding program’s best arrangements. Additionally, you should clarify if you need specific permits or rental fees for each venue and have an indoor backup alternative for your outdoor wedding just in case of uncooperative weather. 

Essentials in Wedding Preparations #3 – Wedding Gown Fitting

Knights need their armours, soldiers need their uniform, and yes, brides need their perfect wedding gowns, or the blissful look is simply incomplete. All good things take time, a concept that applied in selecting the ideal wedding gown. So remember to browse for one that fits your skin tone and body shape. 


The experienced La Belle Team will provide you with the most flattering options to choose from based on our years of delighting brides. We’ll help you select a design that highlights your best features while expressing your unique personality. Pick out a stunning tuxedo for your partner while you’re at it to have him looking dashing for your special occasion. 

Essentials in Wedding Preparations #4 – Guest List

A wedding indeed celebrates the love between two souls, but your guests will also determine the quality of your event. Couples should consider their ideal crowd size – i.e., will it be a small private affair or a grand celebration with crowds of people? Will you invite friends and relatives from abroad and arrange their transport and accommodations? 


Plan and send the invitation way beforehand so your guests can block their busy schedules, especially for you. There are many creative ways to send wedding invites these days. You can choose from e-cards to traditional paper cards, invitations, and stylish acrylic options. 


Your invitation should include essential details. These include dress code,  indicating if it is an alcoholic or non-alcoholic event,  corkage pricing if applicable, and seat arrangements. 




We have covered some of the main checkpoints in wedding preparations and hope you are more confident about the planning. We believe that the budgeting process is enough to steer you in the right direction, so be meticulous with the sums. If you’re still in doubt, seek a wedding planner to help you sort out the rest of the tricky details. 


Most importantly, stay focused, happy, and confident throughout your preparations, and things will work out well!


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