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Featured Wedding: Jocelyn & Matthew From The Wedding Vow

Featured Wedding: Jocelyn & Matthew From The Wedding Vow

Weddings are only beautiful because of two wholes who are ready to commit and work on building an amazing relationship!

La Belle Couture is very happy to partake in Jocelyn’s and Matthew’s wedding, who are the founders of The Wedding Vow. Read on to know about their relationship (with a few romantic and funny anecdotes) and how they grew from close pals to lovers!

How did you guys first meet? Was it love at first sight or a gradual growth of feelings?

the wedding vow bride and groom

Matthew: We first met at SMU during the Ultimate Frisbee Challenge. When I first saw Jocelyn, she was this professional player and she could play very well. I thought she was my senior, but turns out we are of the same age!

Jocelyn: Over time we grew closer and there was a gradual growth of feelings. We started off as friends and slowly we started hanging out alone, which led from one thing to another.

So, was your first impression (of each other) good or bad?

the wedding vow ROM dress singapore

Matthew: Pretty good! From sports point of view, I went ‘this girl not bad ah’. It helps that she is pretty and good looking (sniggers)

Jocelyn: My first impression of him was good. He was very friendly and cheerful all the time. He is very enjoyable to be with and we always have fun as a group.

Spill the beans! Who asked who out first and how did it happen?

the wedding vow bouquet throw

Jocelyn: Prior to that, we hung out as a group of 4 friends but the other 2 friends were always late. So we had a fair bit of alone time together prior to him asking me out. That lead to positive feelings and we got to know each other more and had more one on one conversations

What is one thing your partner did that captured your heart?

the wedding vow family

Matthew: I would say probably when she first met my family members because I like girls who were filial and she really got on well with my parents and siblings. I thought that was something nice and I appreciated it very much.

Jocelyn: Actually, there were a few things that captured my heart. If I had to choose that one thing, it would be how he would go over and beyond for his friends and family. You wouldn’t commonly see a lot of guys who care much about family but he cares about his family immensely. He even hangs out with them once a week! They are a priority in his life and it is a gesture that touches my heart.

Arguments are very common among couples. How did you, as a couple and/or individual, overcome the tensions?

the wedding vow bouquet throw

Jocelyn: Actually I can be emotional, like how girls usually are (laughters). Being with Matthew taught me to be more positive. Because of his insistence to settle any tension before the end of the day and/or when we depart from each other, I have learnt to put my emotions aside to talk about it. Otherwise, it will leave the tension to escalate and get worse over the next few days. I guess it is a learning process of how each person communicates. And that’s how we learn how to solve arguments a lot more faster.

Matthew: Communication is very important during all these kind of arguments. Basically we have to talk things through and solve them. If we leave it hanging, it might get worse.

Share with us, how did Matthew propose to you? Was it romantic?

tanjong beach club the wedding vow

Matthew: Definitely! (Jocelyn laughs heartily)

Jocelyn: It was really quite romantic. We have been dating for 4 years and I think as a couple, we have always been close to our friends and we play frisbee together. So, we have a lot of mutual friends.

So what he did was he gathered everyone (and I mean everyone). Even the closest friends I had in secondary school were included and he hasn’t even got a chance to meet them. But somehow he managed to contact them and got everybody to participate in the proposal.

Initially, it was raining and he was worried but the rain stopped in time. He tricked me into thinking we were going for a picnic, which was ridiculous since it was raining. So he changed it to a dinner instead. I wasn’t aware at that time until I went to the park and was suspicious because I saw all my friends.

He created an adventure trail, with different stations that contains different memory points. He led me through different parts of the park where we spent time together since we always hang out there with my dog (I live nearby). At each station, there will be a big group of friends to surprise me.

Eventually at the last station, he got down on one knee and proposed.

Through the stations , he actually did a memory lane through the 4 years we dated. He kept all the movie stubs, love letters and mini gifts and little things that you might throw them at the side of your house, and pasted all of them on the back of the frisbee discs.

Each of the disc has an alphabet on it. It looked like random alphabets but actually it represented 10 reasons why he loved me and at the end of the game, all my friends were holding them up and it says ‘Will you marry me?’

Weddings are beautiful but there are so many steps to follow. What is your favourite and hated part of the wedding preparation?

the wedding vow singapore

Jocelyn: My favourite part of the wedding preparation was finding vendors. We managed to meet different type of vendors, explore their services, and look at their creatives. To me that was the most exciting part of the wedding

My other favourite part of the wedding was planning and conceptualising the wedding. Like seeing the bits of the wedding forming a bigger picture. It is like seeing the event come to the whole.

As for the most hated part, it would have to be the micro parts of the wedding, such as the guest lists, hustling people to RSVP for the wedding and the errands to run. I am more of a macro person and I liked to see things from a bigger picture.

Matthew: For me, it is probably the start because I procrastinated and had nothing to do (everyone breaks into laughter).

I hate the micro parts of the wedding too (Jocelyn pipes in that he did all the micro things she hated). In fact, I had handle with changes of the seating arrangements. 

What is the concept of your wedding and what inspired you to do it?

the wedding vow wedding

Jocelyn: Our wedding is a beach wedding. We actually had our wedding ceremony at Movenpick with lunch, and then in the evening we had wedding dinner at the beach. The concept of our wedding was non traditional and unique. In fact, a lot of my friends asked me why we chose to have a beach wedding . I guess we just wanted to do an outdoors wedding and we were gutsy to do it cos it could have rained. In fact it rained before our wedding and it was scary because there were so many dark clouds. But the clouds parted in time and the skies became bright again. We wanted a grand wedding and yet have the concept where everybody can mingle around with each other.

Of all venues, why did you choose Tanjong Beach Club as your wedding venue?

beach wedding the wedding vow

Jocelyn: So when we actually were decided on a beach wedding venue, we had Sentosa in mind. Practically, we wanted it to have an indoor area that was big enough to accommodate the older relatives. So Tanjong Beach Club solved that purpose. On top of it, Tanjong Beach Club is so beautiful and it gives that out-of-town vibe, especially when it is dolled up for the wedding by the stylist with fairylights on the trees and more.

Did you have a wedding gown and evening dress design in mind?

wedding gown rental the wedding vow

Jocelyn: No. Actually I had no idea on what to look at and choose. You can go on pinterest to search for wedding gowns and everything looks great. The problem was not knowing what looks great on me. All I did was to leave it to the bridal specialists at La Belle Couture, let them shortlist the gowns that suited me. I was happy with the final choices of the wedding gowns and evening gown.

What are you most particular about when it comes to selecting your wedding gown and evening dress?

the wedding vow wedding gown rental

Jocelyn: The first requirement, although it sounds a little superficial, was how I wanted to look glamorous and expensive. I mean that is what all brides want to achieve on their wedding day right? (laughters). So, I was assured at La Belle Couture because the gowns were grand. Apart from the overall appearance of the gown, the comfort of the gown matters. After all a wedding gown can look nice but if the gown is not tailored properly, it might fall off your shoulders or be too tight, and it would have been very uncomfortable. Fortunately, La Belle Couture fulfilled both criteria so it was great!

Was the final choice of your wedding gown similar to the one you had in mind?

the wedding gown wedding gown singapore

Jocelyn: As mentioned earlier, I did not really have a specific wedding gown design in mind. However, with regards to how I looked like in the wedding gowns during the selection and fitting sessions, I felt I looked gorgeous. Walking in those bridal gowns made me feel very special, which is what all brides should experience when they walk down the aisle.

What made you fall in love with it?

the wedding vow solemnisation

Jocelyn: Just looking into the mirror, I felt really good about myself. All gowns are pretty and there’s always a practical reason to love a gown. But to me, to feel great and be in love with a gown is very important. It is a feel good factor and you don’t get it, it means the gown is not the one.

How about Matthew? Was he particular about his suit and the accessories?

the wedding vow ROM dress singapore

Matthew: I was not very particular about it. All I wanted was to look good. I wanted something different for the usual accessories such as the bow ties.

Share with us! How did you and him come to a conclusion for your outfits?

bridal gown rental singapore coralthe wedding vow toast


Matthew & Jocelyn: The first thing would be the colours and whether it would match together. Like how the white wedding gown goes with navy blue suit, and how a coral bridal gown matched well with gray suit.

Jocelyn: The one thing we were particular about was the quality and texture of the outfits (gowns and men’s suits) which was what La Belle Couture provided. It was important because these two factors reflected on how expensive and classy the outfits look.

What made you decide on collaborating with La Belle Couture for your wedding?

the wedding gown wedding gown singapore

Jocelyn: There were many reasons why we chose to collaborate with La Belle Couture. Firstly, it was the wide range of outfits . Secondly, it was the texture and quality of the outfits and how it made us feel comfortable yet look great. Lastly (which is the most important), it would be the service that La belle Couture brought. It was very heartwarming, whether it was for advice, helping me to try different gowns and so forth. The bridal specialists were dedicated and committed to find the wedding gown of my dreams. Having people like them makes the whole wedding experience enjoyable.

Do you think it is important to have a bridal consultant who is able to advise you in areas you are unfamiliar with?

the wedding vow marrying off

Jocelyn: Yes definitely! Every bride gets married for the first time, so everyone is an amateur at it. With a bridal consultant, she will be able to help a bride choose a wedding gown. They can share their experience, advice and tips that they have gathered from working with so many brides. All these things helped me realise that I don’t know many things about selecting a wedding gown, like how what kind of gown I should choose that would fit the wedding venue, and what cutting suit me and how it might make me look, and the hairstyles to go for.

Lastly, what is your advice to all couples out there?

tanjong beach club wedding gown singapore

Matthew: Guys, pleae start early with the wedding preparation. I started 2 to 3 months before the wedding and there was a mad rush. Start 6 months before and spread out everyhting

Jocelyn: Pace yourself and enjoy the entire process. Sometimes, a lot brides tend to rush through things and leave no room to breathe. By pacing it, brides will be able to enjoy the wedding a lot more than expected.

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Here’s a video review of their experience with us!

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