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First Glance

First Glance

We already know that attention is always on the bride during weddings, especially so when she walks down the aisle; that’s when all eyes are truly on her. Moreover a woman looks best on her wedding day.

A bride takes months to pick out the perfect wedding dress. Even if people tell her she looks stunning in a dress, she’ll know whether or not it’s “the dress”. As difficult as it is to search for “the dress”, it all pays off because the wedding dress is should make the bride sparkle, and ignite more emotions from the groom.

Dresses are important in making a bride shimmer. Sure, tell a girl she only wears that dress once in her life. But we all know that’s the dress of her lifetime.

It’s the big day and he’s waiting at the front of the aisle, all eyes on him while he’s soaked in his own nervousness trying to keep still. His eyes are on the doors, hands clasped at the front, waiting. He can’t wait to see her walk through those doors.

The music starts playing and he recognizes it as their song. He fights back a tear at the rush of memories. Everyone’s heads turn as the doors open. And there she is, his gorgeous bride standing at the foot of the door with her father, smiling back at him. He told himself he wouldn’t cry, but the tears just stream down his cheeks without him realizing it. His eyes never leave her as she takes each step closing the gap between them.

Also known as the “first glance” reaction. That is one moment you’d want your photographer to capture. You may question why it’s a significant moment, and it’s because it’s not everyday that a man sees the love of his life in a wedding dress. Moreover it’s that moment after what seems to be an eternity for him waiting for you is all forgotten when he sets his eyes on you in that wedding dress. That look on his face is priceless.

Years after your wedding, when you look back at this photographed moment; you’d remember exactly how you felt when your eyes met his for the first time that day. And he’d remember that exact emotion he felt when his eyes laid on you in your wedding dress. You’d both remember the butterflies in your stomachs, smiling sweetly at each other as though you were looking at the other through tunnel vision and most of all, you’d think back at how lucky you both were to have each other.

Karl Lagerfeld once said, “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

Therefore to all brides-to-be, if you’re thinking of doing away with a walk-in, perhaps think again and do note to pre-empt one of your photographers to capture this moment – the one you’d remember for always.

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