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Four Things To Consider For Wedding Catering

Four Things to Consider for Wedding Catering

They say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his belly – it’s the same for your wedding guests. That brings us to our topic of the day – wedding catering! Yes, your celebration of love should be a priority – but never discount the draw of the food. A reliable catering service will enhance the overall wedding experience and keep your guests talking about it for ages. 

When it comes to wedding catering, rushing may lead to undesirable outcomes. Try to invest as much effort as you would with your wedding gown, decor, and photography. Trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed when you savour the delicious spread and witness a roomful of satisfied guests. 

Wedding Catering Tip #1 – Go Thematic 

The human mind loves patterns – it’s a scientific fact. When we see strange cloud formations, we immediately interpret shapes like a dragon or angel. Patterns make us feel comfortable – rather than something unknown or chaotic. So when it comes down to catering, stick to a “pattern” that guests can enjoy. If you’re going for Peranakan, it’s wise not to add mutton masala to the menu. Let’s not confuse the palates!

For greater effect, choose a catering menu that complements your wedding theme. For example, if you’re holding a beach wedding, perhaps you could go with some seafood, and sweet colourful desserts would be divine for enchanting garden weddings.  

Wedding Catering Tip #2 – Have a Taste Test

Always request a taste test before settling for a catering menu. Online feedback and ratings don’t provide the accuracy of personal experience. Wedding caterers usually offer a sampler that presents a small portion of each item on the menu. Essentially, with samplers, you won’t break the bank (or waste food) by ordering multiple standard portions. Also, remember that tastebuds differ among people, so bring along a few friends and relatives for tasting to get a general review. 

Wedding Catering Tip #3 – Add A Unique Touch 

Every wedding is unique, and your catering should reflect this beautiful truth! Consider providing something special to your menu – preferably a DIY addition. It doesn’t have to be something huge – you could give self-baked cookies or homemade dips. These little add-ons show guests how much you genuinely appreciate them. But be sure to discuss this with your caterer. They may keep strictly to their in-house menu. 

If you might consider bespoke wedding gowns that bring out your unique personality, a customized menu could carry a similar significance. 

Wedding Catering Tip #4 – Gather Some Insights

Before catering, consider speaking to your loved ones and asking what they’d prefer for the banquet. While it’s impossible to satisfy every person, pleasing most of the crowd is enough to enhance the wedding experience. However, don’t forget that you and your partner should ultimately have the final say in selecting the ideal menu for your big day. 




We at La Belle Couture have a calling to provide couples with the most comprehensive wedding celebration that exceeds expectations. Our expert planners will guide you through a seamless and enjoyable process from wedding photography to gown-testing and catering prep. 


Dine, shine, and look refined – La Belle always has your (corsetted) back!

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