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3 Additional Frustrating Reasons That Can Make You Feel Insecure In Your Selected Wedding Gown!

3 Additional Frustrating Reasons That Can Make You Feel Insecure In Your Selected Wedding Gown!

Every bride wants her selected wedding gown to make her shine like the star she is, and why not? The wedding gown (and the bride duh!) are going to be the cynosure of all eyes on the wedding day so looking less than perfect isn’t even an option.

However, sometimes the wedding gown you’re deciding on may not be the right fit for you. Each girl is different so there’s no one size fits all when it comes to wedding gowns. There are a variety of factors that could be the reason behind this. Blindly following what’s currently trending in bridal gowns isn’t enough to make you look gorgeous – the bridal gown actually needs to look right for you and your body type as well.

Continuing from last week’s post, we’ve discussed some critical factors that play a deciding role in wedding gowns here. In today’s post, we’ll explore more likely causes that are behind you looking undeservingly mediocre on the biggest day of your life!


Reason # 4: The Silhouette of The Selected Wedding Gown Isn’t Flattering On Your Body Type

selected wedding gown

Sure, you love the idea of a voluminous ball gown but would that really work for your figure or would it add more bulk and rob inches off your already petite frame?

The silhouette is one of the most critical factors to note when browsing through bridal gowns. A mermaid gown may not look as great on your lean frame as it does on your friend with the hourglass figure. Instead, an A-line gown or one with a cinched waist may be glorious for your frame and actually accentuate the delicate curves you have.


Here’s a little cheat sheet :

A ball gown is great to cinch one’s waist and hide problem areas in the hips and lower half of the body.

An A -line gown with a high slit is great to show off well-toned legs.

An A-line gown, in general, elongates the torso and is universally flattering especially on petite frames

A mermaid gown is for girls who’ve spent months at the gym and want to show off those great curves and toned muscles – this style hides nothing!

The sheath gown can work well for petite and lean girls as it adds the illusion of a longer frame


Reason # 5: Your Hairstyle Doesn’t Complement The Style Of The Selected Wedding Gown

wedding gown hairstyle

Craving that well-put-together look? Well, then you need to discuss your dress style with your hairstylist. Certain hairstyles may not look as good with a particular style of wedding gown. Usually, this has a lot to do with the neckline of your wedding dress.

If your neckline has a high collar, then don’t wear your hair fully down. A high updo works better with such styles. It doesn’t hide those pretty details on your neckline either.

If your gown is modern, has a straight silhouette or a fuss-free hemline – choose a simple loose hairdo with loose curls. Don’t mix elaborate, victorian hairstyles with uber-modern gown designs. Not only will you look out of place, but your guests wouldn’t know what to focus on!

If you want a classy yet effortless look, then a low bun or chignon is the right way to go! The chignon complements most necklines, especially boat neckline or scoop neckline. 

Off-shoulder dresses usually look good with most hairstyles and are easier to work with.


Reason # 6: You’re Not Well-Groomed When You Try On The Selected Wedding Dress

selected wedding gown

Had a busy week? Sleepless nights? Haven’t waxed before heading to the trial? Are you having a bad makeup/hair day? Is it bloat week? Are you way too stressed?

All of the above might be hidden reasons why you’re not satisfied with the selected wedding gown. Truthfully, any of the above will affect the final look.

Remember all those movies where the bride magically transforms into a glowing goddess the moment she wears the dress she’s finally going to buy?

Well, that’s true but only partly.

In reality, it is advisable for brides to wear light makeup when they try their wedding gown. Otherwise, they might look more washed out!

Interested in reading more about how to prepare yourself for your wedding gown trial? Watch this space for our next blog post. 

Meanwhile, ladies, if you still aren’t sure or want to avoid feeling “off” in your wedding gown,  you can drop us an email and we will provide advice on what to go for!


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