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Get Real & Personal With The Wedding Gown Team On Their Latest Bridal Collection Of 2019, Bloomingdale!

Get Real & Personal With The Wedding Gown Team On Their Latest Bridal Collection Of 2019, Bloomingdale!

Once again, we finally launched our second bridal gown collection of 2019, namely Bloomingdale! Featured at Mandarin Oriental Singapore’s highly anticipated wedding showcase, An Oriental Charm By The Bay, the bridal gown collection was heavily inspired by the beauty of flowers.

Jimmy, Lucas, and Peiwen, the three fold wedding gown team, were the brains behind this entire bridal gown collection. We have witnessed them working hard and thought it would be interesting for them to share their experience!

In this feature, they will be revealing the difficulties they faced, what they have argued over and how they overcame conflicts!

First off! What was the inspiration behind Bloomingdale?

Lucas: At the beginning, we weren’t really sure. We had some ideas floating about, but they weren’t concrete? Jimmy even had an idea about futuristic concepts (think of reflective surfaces, lights and out-of-this-world elements)! Sounds cool right? But…at the end of the day, it boils down to what our brides want to wear.

Peiwen: As a bridal specialist, I am the brides’ first contact point when it comes to finding the perfect wedding gown. Despite years of experience, I still face that dilemma on recommending what suits them! After all, every bride has different preferences. What’s more, this is their big day! They are definitely entitled to be a little more picky. 

So I thought, why not do a survey with a handful of brides? Instead of guessing what works, why not get the direct answers from our clients? We sat down, list down the questions, neatened everything, and then proceeded to call up past and future clients to get as many responses.

So after the research, what was the conclusion you guys got?

Jimmy: While most of them praised our bridal gown designs, the common feedback we heard was to include more colours and floral prints! It sounded general to us, so we asked more. Turns out, they wanted to see more colours and unique floral prints on designs. That was how Bloomingdale came about!

Lucas: In fact, a few brides suggested to incorporate the beauty of flowers in terms of the colours, textures and more! So, we configure our minds to go beyond imagery level and wrote down details we observed.

But after coming up with Bloomingdale, what were the difficulties the team faced while putting together this bridal gown collection?

Peiwen: For me, it was how we ended up with too many ideas.  Moreover, we had to ensure that the bridal gown designs made sense as a whole! It was challenging toput them under one umbrella!

Jimmy: Although we had a common concept in mind, we perceived bridal designs very differently. Thankfully, we had the maturity to not bite down each other’s throats. We anchored ourselves to work towards a common goal: creating bridal designs our brides would want to wear!

Lucas:  Also, we struggled finding the right fabrics. We had to test different textures that could give us the desired results. What made it worse? It was scorching hot back then! Our tempers weren’t the best under such stress and unfortunate weather.

Soooooo after visiting more than 10 textile shops, we managed to narrow down to the fabrics and call it a day…before putting them together!


How long did it take for you guys to complete this bridal gown collection?

Jimmy: It took us around 4 months?

What makes Bloomingdale different/unique from the rest of your bridal gown collections?

Lucas: What we did was very different was to create our own floral appliqués . Being very particular on how the embellishments  would turn out on the bridal designs, we decided to go down the DIY route.

This meant that we had to match assorted beads with  different laces. After that, we had to cut and trim the lace fabrics into the right sizes. Finally, we stitched the beads by hand!

Peiwen: We spent hours and hours tirelessly doing the same thing. In fact, we resorted to pumped up music, sugary snacks and anything to keep our adrenaline going. But, it was worth it! Especially when brides came to find us with pictures of their preferred wedding/evening gowns! My mind went “hey that’s the appliqués I exchanged my health for!”

Jimmy: On top of that, we combined colours that are deemed “unmatchable”. It was like how we combined shades of brown, orange and turquoise with an indigo satin structure!

Lucas: In fact, we created a multi coloured bridal gown that looked like a rainbow!

How was it like featuring the latest bridal gown collection at Mandarin Oriental Singapore?

Jimmy: It was definitely a great experience, as usual! Having been their long standing partner, they really took care of us!  It was incredible how the team at Mandarin Oriental Singapore came together so seamlessly!


Want to view the entire bridal gown collection? Then be sure to stay tuned because we will be showcasing the entire collection at our Better Together Wedding Workshop!

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