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Golden Tips For Plus-sized Brides

Golden Tips For Plus-sized Brides

Brides come in all shapes and sizes, which is why there are endless varieties of wedding outfits. In this edition of our blog, we will be sharing some golden tips for plus-sized brides. We’d like to stress that every bride is beautiful and you should never settle for a wedding dress. Aim for the ideal wedding gown that compliments your figure perfectly! Remember, confidence is the most important thing to have on your wedding day. 

Tips for Plus-sized Brides #1: Be Daring to Try Every Style

Don’t ever let your inner saboteur limit your options. You’re free to try out every design available in the bridal studio. Leave limitations at the doorstep. A wedding gown is designed to enhance the curves of a bride. So flaunt your natural shape, be bold and proud of it! 


You may consider bringing a close friend for some encouragement and an alternate perspective. The ideal companion would be someone you’re familiar with, who has an eye for fashion and isn’t afraid to share his/her opinion. Of course, this also means that brides must be able to handle feedback without taking things personally!


The goal is to test as many outfits as you’d like without assuming anything before doing so. 


Tips for Plus-sized Brides #2: Make Preparations in Advance

You might have caught sight of the prettiest wedding gown in a bridal catalog but you’re uncertain if it comes in your size. So you settle for a silhouette or style that “would probably” fit you. Sounds like a plausible scenario? Get the thought out of your head! 


When it comes down to wedding prep, never leave anything to guesswork. 


Instead, plus-sized brides should make a quick call to the studio that stocks their desired outfit. Be direct in your inquiry to check if a particular design is available in your size. Remember to contact the bridal vendor ASAP, as some sizes may require special orders that require extra time for delivery. 


Alternatively, most bridal studios offer bespoke wedding gown services these days. This guarantees an outfit that fits your body like a glove – just like how a suit is tailored to the shape of your dashing partner. 

Tips for Plus-sized Brides #3: Selecting Body-shaping Undergarments for Gown-Fitting

The right choice of undergarments can nip and tuck at the right places to enhance a wedding outfit. These may range from Spanx underwear to corsets and other shapers. It is important to wear them for your gown-fitting sessions so you have an accurate idea of how you’ll look on your wedding day.  


The best body-shaping undergarments should be as comfy as they are practical. So avoid torturous corsets that restrict your breathing! 

Tips for Plus-sized Brides #4: Shop with the Biggest Part of your Body in Mind


It might be tempting to purchase a smaller wedding gown and aim to squeeze into it by the wedding. However, this can be extremely stressful – and imagine the panic if you miss the target even by a bit. You’ll be frantically hunting around for a last-minute replacement or customization. Yikes. 


Avoid this by gown-shopping with the biggest part of your body in mind. So if your bust size is 10 while the hip measurement is at 16, opt for a dress size of 16 and work within that range. Seek advice from your bridal consultant when in doubt. 


Besides, if it may not fit you snug or just right, there will always be an alteration service provided when you rent a gown.




And there you have it! We hope our plus-sized brides are better prepared to eliminate their gown-fitting woes! We at La Belle Couture understand that the current crisis is placing a serious dampener on wedding preparations, but we’re in this together!


Stay strong, focused, and healthy and we’ll emerge from this period of uncertainty more focused and driven than ever! 

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