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Guest Books With A Twist: 10 DIY Guest Book Ideas

Guest Books With A Twist: 10 DIY Guest Book Ideas

We’re always on board the DIY wagon. Not only does it help save cost, it also adds a personalised touch, especially on your wedding day!

Today’s DIY project: Guest Books.

Gone are the traditional book-binded guestbooks which end up collecting dust in your shelves. These 10 creative and out-of-the-box ideas also double up as gorgeous unique pieces to display in your newlywed nest.


1. Framed Messages

Puzzle Lover

If you love jigsaw puzzles, this would be perfect for you! Once everyone has written their messages, piece them together and frame your personalised puzzle.

Another way to do this is also to prepare a jigsaw image of the both of you, and have guests write messages at the back.

 puzzle loverImage source: villarussocatering


Paper Cut-outs

Have your guests sign little slips of paper cut-outs for you to later arrange in a way to frame and display in your home. This versatile idea can be adapted to any personality – classic paper hearts, fun balloons, and so on. The possibilities are endless, so let your creativity take over!

 framed-hearts-art-wedding-guest-bookImage source: Wedding Bells


2. Wooden Letters

A simple ‘Mr & Mrs’ (in this case, a puzzle) for you to hang in your home, to always remind you of the day you both said ‘I Do’. Which reminds us that you could also consider getting a wooden cut-out of ‘I DO’. But keep in mind the number of guests you’ve invited and whether all their messages would fit.

 unique-puzzle-wedding-guest-bookImage source: craftysmiths


Another way to do this is also to get wooden letters of both your initials. Have your guests sign on the blocks and you could display them the table/shelf instead of framing it up.

 monogramImage source: classicbrideblog


3. Artwork

Finger Printing

The artsy couples can consider this fingerprint guestbook. Be sure to prepare wet wipes so that guests are able to clean their fingers immediately after!

 fingerprintsImage source:


A twist from the original version (above), this one allows guests to doodle over their prints. Don’t the doodles over the thumbprints remind you of Mr. Potato too?

 thumbprint doodleImage source: Buzzfeed


Watercolour Madness

If you’d like to save your guests the trouble of dirtying their fingers, purchase one of these artworks and get your guests to fill in the spots.

 watercolour artImage source: Etsy (OnceUponaPaper)


4. Picture Frame with Border

You’d probably pick one wedding photo to display proudly at home, so why not pick a frame with an extended border and have your guests write their messages there.

matted photo frameImage source:


5. Globe

If your guests have come from all over the world, consider this Globe Guestbook and have them sign from where they’re from. You could also get them to include a famous restaurant for you to visit when you go there.


globe-guest-signin-two-birds-600Image source: desirableeventsbydesi


6. Note cards

Instead of having congratulatory messages, have your guests fill in advices and well wishes. It’ll be fun to read them after your wedding when you need certain advices.


We especially love this library inspired guest book which separates the messages into various categories!

 catalogue-guestbook-ideaImage source: desirableeventsbydesi

 advise and wishesImage source: Pinterest


 7. Photo Book

Photobooth Book

We know we said no book-binded guestbooks, but these photographed ones are too cute to say no to! If you’re already having a photobooth station, have them print an additional one for your guests to put inside the guestbook.


photobooth guest bookImage source:


Polaroid Book

This idea also works with polaroids, however be sure to have enough film for everyone!


polaroid picturesImage source: mustloveweddings


8. Shadow Boxes

Sign Hearts

We absolutely love this modern twist of a guest book. Have your guests sign a heart and drop them into the frame for you to remember the ones who came.

drop a heartImage source: desirableeventsbydesi



These mason jar shadow boxes might be a little costly to purchase, but aren’t they just gorgeous!?


date-jar-wedding-guest-book-ideasImage source: Strangely.yours



9. Typewriter

For the vintage lovers, you could also have your guests type their messages on the typewriter. You might end up with a queue at the ‘Guest Book Station’, but I’m sure your guests wouldn’t mind as it’s not everyday that they get to type on a typewriter.

typewriter-wedding-guest-book1Image source: anon


10. Wine Lovers

Anniversary Notes

Have your guests leave you messages in one of the bottles, each labelled with an anniversary. Similar to a time capsule, what makes this special is that you and your beau would have to wait until each anniversary to open the messages. Imagine reading back on the messages on your 25th anniversary; it’s like reliving your wedding day – such a surreal experience.

wine bottle anniversaryImage source: bridalguide



You could also use these bottles as table placements as shown below.


wine-bottle-guest-book-william-walker-photographyImage source: bridalguide



Sign The Bottle

If you prefer going paper-less, you could also consider having your guests sign directly on the bottles itself.


Wine-BottleImage source: bespoke-bride



Got more ideas? Email us at to let us know! If not, view our previous post on Crafty DIY Weddings here.

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