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Here Are 3 Useful Wedding Photography Tips To Look Your Best! Part I

Here Are 3 Useful Wedding Photography Tips To Look Your Best! Part I

Wedding photography is an ideal way to capture your happy moments during your wedding. They help reminisce the good old times when you had your wedding. Additionally, wedding albums are usually showcased to wedding guests during the wedding reception. It is also a great way to share them with your children in the future, illustrating your love story in pictures.


Naturally, all wedding couples would want to look their best in their wedding photography. But how and where do you start? There are some useful wedding photography tips which you can try before your wedding photography session! Read on to find out more!

Wedding Photography Tip #1 : Practice Smiling

One of the most common wedding photography tips is to practice smiling. Smiling will definitely be what you will be doing throughout the whole wedding photography session. This means that you will need to perfect every smile! Because practising makes perfect, by practising your smile more often, you will be more natural at it.

Practice your smile

Practice your smile – Image credit :



One trick to make your practice more effective is to tape favourite photographs of yourself or even celebrities with a dashing smile onto the mirror. Try mimicking the poses and expressions, and find one that you feel most comfortable with. You would be a natural in time to come!

Wedding Photography Tip #2 : Whiten Your Teeth

Most of the times when you smile, you smile with your teeth. This is because smiling with teeth, as compared with one that is tight-lipped, shows a happier expression and moment. In addition, it gives a more natural sense than a forced smile with closed lips.

Therefore, since you are showing off your pearly whites, there has to be something done to that stain on your teeth, correct? Try seeking for DIY solutions such as whitening kits for teeth which are very popular these days or trust a professional to achieve whiter cleaner teeth for you!

Whiten teeth

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No doubt your wedding photographer may most probably be able to help “whiten” your teeth with his photography skills. However, if your actual wedding day is nearing, you should probably strongly consider having your teeth whitened. You don’t want to “entertain” your wedding guests the wrong way…

Wedding Photography Tip #3 : Make Your Nails Pretty

It is not compulsory to have your manicure and pedicure done for your wedding photography. However, wedding photographers do not just capture faces. Details that are part of the wedding will be captured as well.

Wedding bands and engagement rings are one of the significant details that are captured during a wedding photography session. As symbols of union and eternal love of the wedding couple, they too play a part in the wedding celebration.

Wedding Photography Singapore

Wedding Photography Singapore



All brides, if not most, are very concerned if they look alright in their wedding photography.  If you are one of them, we hope that you aren’t sweating the details. Instead, we hope that you are having as much fun as possible when taking your wedding photography!

To ease some tension and concerns, these 3 useful wedding photography tips should come in handy. Of course, they are to be done prior to your wedding photography day. In our next article, we will be sharing 3 other wedding photography tips which will come in handy for your preparation as well. If you have other useful tips to share with us and fellow brides-to-be, do feel free to drop us a comment below!


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