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Here’re 4 Easy Tips To Feel Great Before, During And After Your Wedding!

Here’re 4 Easy Tips To Feel Great Before, During And After Your Wedding!

Your wedding is drawing near! Such an exciting event with all eyes on you…but is it because they are awestruck by your beauty (obviously)? Or is it because of the uninvited cohabitation of an bulbous acne? What if that gossipy aunt manages to spot it from afar? What if she announces it to everyone?

The overthinking process starts to kick in. You begin to scrutinize every detail, from the flabby arms, to enlarged pores, and ill-fitting gowns! Anything under the sun becomes a possibility.

Doesn’t that sound familiar? Well you are not alone. Many of our brides have the exact concerns. So, we decided to share some tips that can help you look your best, and perhaps enhance your confidence!

1. Subtly incorporate exercise into your lifestyle

Obviously, a typical Singaporean’s working life is crazily packed. We simply do not have time to take a breather, let alone exercise.

Therefore, if you find it too tedious to allocate time for a jog, you can incorporate minor changes in your daily life. Want to take the elevator? Ditch that and use the stairs. Want to alight at the usual bus stop? Press the button a few stops earlier and walk back home.

There are several ways in changing your daily habits to ensure that you get that bit of exercise. Be creative and work with what you are presented with!

2. Tweak your diet. Temporarily

We know chips are so delicious! The crispy music of the fried potato, the perfect harmony between the salt and flavour as you savour them and the endless choices! Those evil packets from NTUC keep calling out to you and before you know it, you have already opened one and dig into it .

Here’s the depressing catch, which you probably are familiar with: the high salt content ‘adds’ pounds to your face AND body!

Don’t let the cruelty of unhealthy food get the better of you. Hold yourself back when you find your senses being seduced by that plate of char kway teow or the fragrance of nasi lemak.

Instead, replace your regular chips with fruits (this does not include durians) and vegetables. In fact, different fruits and vegetables can lead to different results. For example, eating green apples can create that healthy glow while eating brocolli promotes better digestion. It is advisable to eat fruits and vegetables one hour before every meal for heightened effect.

You will thank for us for being able to fit into your clothes like a glove and look positively radiant.

2. Arrange for body massages.

Planning a wedding can be very daunting and it zaps out your energy real quick… Lethargy is very common in all newly-weds and it adds a negative touch to one’s mood. The last thing you need is to quarrel with your future partner over trivial matters.

Prior to the wedding, you can arrange for full body massage. if possible, do it more frequently as the wedding nears. Studies have shown that body massages eliminates anxiety and even promotes better sleep, which incidentally are the top two things brides (and perhaps the groom) go through!

You can arrange it with your partner. Afterall, a double massage after a long day of work sounds like an awesome idea ;).

3. Moisturise and hydrate!

Did you know that moisture is vital in attaining a clear complexion? In addition, hydrated skin can brighten your skin and reduce the speed of dulling of make up.

We understand that Singaporeans lead a hectic lifestyle and do not have sufficient time to commit to a facial routine. Thus, we recommend brides (and grooms) to mask your face at least twice a week.

You can purchase a bulk of facial masks and if you cannot finish them, they will make really great gifts for your friends! Sharing is caring right?

4. Fake it till you become it!

The final weapon in feeling beautiful is to engineer a correct mindset.

Think your legs are flabby? Strut like a model.

Feeling really upset? Watch a funny video and laugh away.

In other words, don’t waste time focusing on things you can’t change overnight. Outsmart your inner negative voice and remind yourself how beautiful you are. Do things to distract yourself from potential hazards (e.g. that beautiful model on the cover of Her World).

A happy bride is one who surrounds herself with positive vibes!

Have any tips? Share it with us and possibly make a bride happier!

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