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Hit & Misses In The Shopping Of Wedding Gowns

Hit & Misses in the Shopping of Wedding Gowns

Wedding gowns comprises multiple design elements. You’ve got the fabric that determines your comfort and style. There are embellishments like appliques, sequins, and lace to provide the outfit with an added touch of brilliance. And there’s the silhouette that ties a look together. 

We firmly believe there isn’t such a thing as an ugly wedding gown. Every outfit undergoes a thoughtful and deliberative design process with the bride’s happiness in mind. However, brides have varying fashion sense, body dimensions, and skin tones, which uniquely affect how they look and feel in each wedding gown. Hence, gown-testing has become an unofficial wedding tradition. 

La Belle Couture explores some common hits and misses with wedding gowns to help you find the ideal fit. Attention to brides seeking a bewitching bespoke design, this one is especially for you!

Misses in the Shopping of Wedding Gowns #1: Sticking to One Style 

Brides have preferences, that’s a fact. You might go wedding gown shopping with a specific look in mind and aim to create that appearance no matter what. While that’s wonderful as it shows commitment to the big day, it sets restrictions, and that’s never a good thing.  

Instead, consider speaking to your wedding consultant and trying some recommendations. There are countless outfits to choose from, and there might be a perfect wedding gown design that has evaded you thus far. Let your consultant point you to some “blind spots” in the boutique, and you might find something that tops your preferred design!

Misses in the Shopping of Wedding Gowns #2: Going with Someone Else’s Choice

You’re the VVIP of your big day, so when it comes to wedding gown selection, trust your style and inner intuition. Yes, we recommend seeking out your wedding consultant’s expertise, but the ultimate decision should always lie in your hands. Don’t let someone else determine what’s best for you, whether it’s through guilt-tripping or any other subtle way. 

It’s your wedding day, and you deserve to score the perfect look that befits you. You’ll have a grand idea of the complete wedding picture, how the outfit matches the theme, and how you’d love to feel. And so naturally, nobody else can pick a better choice, ever. 

Hits in Wedding Gown Purchases #1: Plan the ‘’Sweet Spot” Timing

New wedding gown collections get released ever so often (La Belle Couture usually releases four a year!). Therefore, you should plan the right time to go wedding gown shopping. Stay in the loop on the latest bridal trends and sneak peeks on upcoming collections. 

Shop too late, and your preferring wedding gown may go out of stock. Super early birds may see their gowns go out of fashion by the time of their wedding, or worse, if a prettier design comes along and leaves them face-palming. 

Remember to factor in additional time for gown alterations, you may not require it, but anything can happen (hi supper stress-relief therapy) in the weeks and months before the wedding. 

Hits in Wedding Gown Purchases #2: Understand That Mirrors Aren’t Always Your Pals

Yes, there are probably more mirrors than walls in a bridal boutique. It’s great to get a glance at how the wedding gown fits your body frame, but try not to rely on the “wisdom” of the mirror. The mirror’s position and dimensions affect the perceived image (just imagine the distorted reflections at carnival horror houses).

If you want an accurate idea of how you look in a gown, take some photos and videos, play around with filters for versatility. Better still, bring along your family, bridesmaids, and best friends during gown-testing. Consult multiple perspectives and opt for the look that receives the most nods (or not, you have the final say!). 




2021 is here, and we’re mighty glad to kickstart a brand new journey of bridal possibilities. Wedding dress shopping may seem exhausting and leaves brides none the wiser despite trying a gazillion outfits. 

That’s why La Belle’s professional team of consultants are here to guide you through the meandering paths and misty forests to arrive at the perfect design. Stamp your tickets. Your voyage to the dream wedding begins here!

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