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How To Ace Your Wedding Bachelorette Party

How to Ace Your Wedding Bachelorette Party


By Laurenzo Overee

Brides love a well-planned bachelorette party. Consider it a much-needed respite from the stressful wedding preparations. It’s a special celebration where you live for the moment, enjoying the remainder of your singlehood before the next phase in your adult life. 

And yes, it’s a strictly girls-only affair. Bachelorette parties are the bridal counterpart to a stag night, where grooms hang out with their groomsmen over a few (or many) cold ones. 

Usually, brides simply spend the time bonding with their beloved bridesmaids on a night out in town without the boys. However, times have changed, and brides are getting uber-creative these days, basking in every moment before tying that knot. 


Bachelorette Party Tip #1 – Preserve the Moments

bachelorette party

Most brides can appreciate the awesomeness of wedding photography. But have you thought about freezing those beautiful and wacky moments during your bachelorette party? 

Hiring a professional photographer for the party lets you capture the beautiful and genuine moments shared between bridesmaids. Also, you get to keep a private stash of photos to remind you of the crazy fun you had with your girls. 

Additionally, you could add some of the pictures to your wedding montage to show the fun-filled days leading up to your grand occasion. 


Bachelorette Party Tip #2 – Do Something “Out of Character”

wedding photography

Your bachelorette party should be unique, unlike any ordinary night out that quickly slips to the back of your mind. So why not do something that you’d usually give a hard pass on a typical day? 

Maybe even try something that scares you! From riding a zipline to scuba diving – the options are endless. Your bridesmaids could join in the activities to offer some moral support (after all, that’s what they’ll do as you walk the aisle in your wedding gown

However, remember to stay safe and avoid scrapes (especially on your face, where it’s most conspicuous) – you still got a wedding to attend! 

Bachelorette Party Tip #3 – Celebrate Over a Cocktail Bar 

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You can’t go wrong with cute cocktails and an entourage of bubbly bridesmaids. Why not book a luxury suite in a fancy hotel and party all night long with your girls? It’s the perfect venue to have your private cocktail bar, play some bridal games (classic truth or dare perhaps), and sing some karaoke. 

Bachelorette Party Tip #4 – Ground Yourself 

planning your bachelorette party

Wedding photography arrangements, bridal gown selection, guest invitations – you don’t have to worry about any of those. The bachelorette party is the time to chill, mentally and physically recharging yourself to be at your best on the wedding day. 

Yoga sessions, guided meditations, or spin classes are great options for a good workout while de-stressing yourself. However, if the current pandemic situation makes it troublesome to attend physical classes, consider AR or VR programs. They are many remote options these days and your bridesmaids can join in at their convenience.




How will you celebrate your bachelorette party? Will you explore a new side of yourself or enjoy the things you already love? Either way, remember to pamper yourself because you deserve it after all that wedding preparation. 

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