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How to Look Amazing in Your Engagement Photos

Everyone gets a little anxious before taking pre wedding or engagement portraits. If you’re self-conscious about your body, camera shy, or just hoping to land some gorgeous photos, though, the right attitude can carry you most of the way toward awesome portraits. Of course, the right photographer is a vital key to successful engagement photos, but once you’ve landed the photographer of your dreams, follow these tips to get a perfect photo.

Choose the Right Makeup

You’ll probably need to wear a bit more makeup in your photos. Use foundation to ensure your skin is completely even, then blend, blend, blend. The last thing you want is a line between your neck and face! Throw on some blush to make your face come to life. Then choose eye makeup according to the setting. If you’re shooting outside, dark colors can be too much, and will look unnatural. Instead, choose pastel shades with a bit of shimmer. If you’re shooting photos indoor, though, dark liner and a smoky eye look divine – and just a bit sexy.


Coordinate Your Color Palette

Your photos will look much better if your wardrobe complements – rather than contrasts with – the setting. Double-check to ensure you and your finance’s clothing looks good paired together, and steer clear of prints and stripes. They might look good in person, but they tend to be distracting and look disheveled in photos.


Think About Your Love

Most people get a little anxious before having their photos taken, particularly when they have to pose. To quell your anxiety, though, focus on your love for your partner. Take a few moments to show him some affection, to play around, and to take a few deep breaths. Your love and relaxation will show through loud and clear in your photos, and you just might find that the best picture is a candid one of the two of you.


Experiment With Different Poses

Particularly if you know that you look good from a certain angle, it’s tempting to make the same face in every photo. But variety is the spice of life, and it’s definitely the foundation of good photography. Try a few different poses for the best chance at getting a photo you love. And if you’re not quite sure to position yourselves, don’t be shy about asking your photographer for a little direction.

Try Different Outfits

You never know how your favorite outfit is going to look on camera. For the best chance at getting a gorgeous shot, try a couple of different looks. You may find that that red dress you never wear looks amazing in photos, while your everyday favorite fizzles and fades into the background. Different colors can do different things to your skin tone, too, so you stand a much better chance of glowing if you try a few different outfits.


Perhaps most importantly, do what feels comfortable to you. Your engagement shots should capture you as you are, not as your photographer thinks you should be, so don’t be afraid to speak up if something doesn’t feel quite right to you.

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