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How To Pick The Perfect Evening Dress Or Wedding Gown For Every Skin Tone!

How To Pick The Perfect Evening Dress Or Wedding Gown For Every Skin Tone!

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Who said you have to be as fair as snow white to look good in every colour of evening gown, evening dress, and wedding gown?

Here are two facts you have to consider in your mind before you proceed.

Fact 1: Not every fair-skinned maiden looks good in every shade of evening dress. Sometimes they can look more washed out in a certain shade.

Fact 2: Not every Singaporean bride can be as fair as Snow White. Let’s face it. The sun here is really horrendous and the only way to be that fair is to stay indoors forever.

The truth is, all of us, including Asians, have different undertones, and we look good with different colours. Why is this so? That’s simply because all of us have different skin undertones, primarily warm and cool. It doesn’t matter whether you have fair skin to dark skin (by the way, every colour is beautiful)

choosing bridal gown based on skin toneHere’s a quick quiz you can do to check if you are a warm or cool tone!

#1. What are the colours of your veins?

choosing bridal gown based on skin tone

What kind of accessories looks better on you? Silver of Gold?

choosing bridal gown based on skin tone

Now let’s try a white shirt. Do you look better in an off-white/cream shirt, or bright white top?

choosing bridal gown based on skin tone

There you go, now that you can roughly gauge what kind of undertone you have, here are pictures of wedding gowns and evening dresses that will suit your skin undertone!

**The colours of the pictures may not be exact due to the lighting. So, some gowns that look bright white are actually of cream colour.


For brides with warm undertones:

wedding preparation


For brides with a cool skin undertone:

la belle couture

But possessing a particular undertone doesn’t purely determine the colours of your evening dress. If you feel a specific colour represents your character and, incidentally, doesn’t complement your skin undertone, then ask yourself this: Do you feel beautiful in that particular shade? If you do, then just go with how you feel!

Alternately, if you have no idea what colour of evening dress or evening gown suits you, then ask your bridal consultant for advice. He/she should be able to gauge the colours that will bring out your features and brighten up your face! Also, be open to suggestions as he might be able to offer a fresh perspective to enhance that bridal ensemble!




Of course, choosing the right colour is not the only factor to consider. There are many wedding gown elements to look out for, such as your body shape, the different necklines to explore, and of course, being confident in your skin!

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