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How To Plan Your Wedding Budget

How to Plan Your Wedding Budget

Great minds built the most remarkable civilisations one brick at a time. The same concept should apply to something as complicated as your wedding budget. We know that it can bring brides innumerable sleepless nights, yet, the magic of a wedding cannot manifest itself.


La Belle Couture prides itself as an expert in the bridal scene. As such, we want to do all we can to bring smiles to our brides’ pretty faces. So, here’s what we’ll do just for you. We’re going to zoom down to the main bits of a wedding budget to help you achieve your dream event without stress. We’ll help you focus on the essential items and considerations to avoid any omission and last-minute panic. Sit back, breathe, relax, and enjoy!

Wedding Budget Prep Pitstop #1: Choosing a Wedding Theme

Your wedding theme is like the adhesive that holds everything together. The theme denotes the style that permeates your wedding photography, wedding gown, and venue.  


We’ve shared a couple of fantastic ideas in our recent bridal themes series, including the Sweet Pastels, Bohemian, or Celestial styles. Let your wedding theme serve as the north star that guides you through the preparation. And if you’re not a fan of preset themes, go for a hybrid or DIY option. 


Wedding themes should include colour palettes, shapes, and the choice between an indoor or outdoor affair. Once you establish your theme, everything else will fall into place naturally. 

Wedding Budget Prep Pitstop #2: Capturing the Splendid Affair

A wedding provides countless breathtaking moments. Hiring a trusted photographer helps couples immortalise some of those priceless scenes. You should also consider the type of theme you’d like to have for pre-wedding photography. We highly recommend pre-wedding shoots since they give couples a chance to express themselves freely – like playing roles in a fairytale. 


Work closely with your photographer and let them help you realise your vision. Add some videography if you’d like to capture the precious dynamics between you and your partner! Remember, you can purpose your footage for your wedding montage – a popular segment in the banquet celebrations. 

Wedding Budget Prep Pitstop #3: Achieving the Look

We’re sure no bride forgets this factor in their wedding budget, but we’d like to provide some tips on choosing the best fit. While traditionally, most wedding gowns come in off-white – modern brides don’t have to play by the rules! More non-conventional colours have risen in popularity, such as violet, candy apple, and even the once-taboo black!

Don’t forget to factor in the services of an MUA and hair specialist. Also, there are many types of wedding dress silhouettes available with different pricing. Remember to choose the right comfortable fit for pre-wedding shoots, where you’ll need to pose for hours. Also, consider the number of outfit changes for your banquet – perhaps 2-3 gowns in total to wow your guests.

And let’s not forget about the other VVIP at your wedding – your groom! Bridegroom fashion has evolved much since the early days of monochromatic suits. These days, don’t be shocked if your partner enjoys outfit-trying as much as you. Shiny fabric, floral motifs, slim and sleek fits, you name it!

It’s common for all grooms to opt for made to measure suits, but to spend your budget wisely, you can opt for suits rental as well! 

Wedding Budget Prep Pitstop #4: Miscellaneous Things to Consider

With the main items settled, it’s time to dive into other miscellaneous items for your wedding budget. We’ve come up with a quick reference list to help you out!


  • The number of guests will determine the overall expenditure of your banquet. A private event with close friends and loved ones can bring as much enjoyment as a grand affair. 
  • Wedding favors. We recommend choosing the most suitable items according to your wedding theme.
  • Emcee/band – the type of wedding entertainment can significantly affect the atmosphere on your big day. 
  • Wedding decor – wedding arches, carpets, lighting, tablescape, and other ornaments that bring your perfect wedding to life. 
  • Rentals – a fancy ride for your big day, venue spaces, and other arrangements that fulfill the fantasy. 




And there you have it! We hope the article has helped you with your wedding budget. We understand if you feel overwhelmed, but trust us, the trouble is well worth it. Ideally, we hope you enjoy every step of the wedding prep and have yourself the most memorable event that you and your partner deserve!


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