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How To Say No To Wedding Guests At The Banquet

How to Say No to Wedding Guests at the Banquet

Wedding guests are the life of the banquet party. Unfortunately, they’re not necessarily always on their best behaviour. As hosts, you and your partner have every right to do what it takes to keep the peace during the event. We understand how frustrating it can be when guests get drunk, rowdy, or impolite. Saying no usually settles the problem, but it takes tactic and good PR to do it without burning bridges. 

The last thing we want is for the spotlight to shine on others instead. A commotion is surely not the best way to remember your special day!

La Belle takes a look at some strategies to keep your wedding guests in check so everybody can have an enjoyable and memorable (for the right reasons) time.

Saying No to Guests #1: Minimise Alcohol

Alcohol causes people to let their hair down, and yes, that adds to the mood. But alcohol is also known to cause a fair share of problems at weddings – especially when some individuals acquire liquid courage. Yikes. 


We do not recommend the complete elimination of alcohol since you should still have your wedding toast! If you have a soft heart and would like to reduce alcohol consumption without appearing like a total buzzkill, opt for corkage. The extra charge might cause guests to think twice. 


While minimising alcohol is not exactly a way to say no to relatives, it acts as a solid deterrence for bad behavior. And as the philosophical saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Remember to inform your guests in your invitation if you are holding a non-alcoholic event, so guests will not be disappointed on the day. 


Saying No to Guests #2: Photography Disclaimers

There are few things less annoying in a banquet than overenthusiastic guests who ruin wedding photography with their paparazzi-like behaviour. We can understand that guests wish to participate in the celebration, but they should not disrupt the work of hired professionals. Let guests know that you paid professional photographers and videographers for quality, and you’re going to share the product with every person in attendance after the event. So let them know that you appreciate the cooperation for the sake of everyone. 


You might consider having your emcee inform the guests before your grand entrance, or flash a disclaimer during the montage. Maybe playfully present this, with a line like, “please refrain from obstructing our awesome photographers. Kindly apply at reception if you wish to stand in for the night, cheers!” 


Remember, it’s all in the delivery!

Saying No to Guests #3: Mobilise your Assistants

Your wedding is a significant affair, and nothing should spoil it at all costs. That’s why you have minions, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. Think about it, you’re looking fabulous in your wedding gown, and you’ve got so many people to meet and greet. Don’t let an ugly scene ruin your pretty smile or mood. Time is precious at a wedding, and every minute should be enjoyable for you and your partner. 


If any problem arises with your guests, flash the secret sign and let your bridesmaid or groomsmen handle it. Yes, they’re there to enjoy themselves too, but let them know they’re still on standby duty. You could always give them a lavish treat after the event to thank them for their support. 

 Saying No to Guests #4: Secret Tech

In this modern age, it is rare to find someone who doesn’t have their nose to their phone screen every five minutes. What this means is, if your guest misbehaves, send him/her a message. Let them know that the behaviour is inappropriate without stirring up a scene. If the person in question seems tipsy, text the person sitting beside him/her and request their assistance in the situation. Guests are usually grouped according to relations so chances are people at the same table should be familiar enough to help out.  

If all else fails, refer to point #3


You’ve got your prettiest wedding gown, perfect photographers, and a dream-like venue for your banquet – so don’t let inconsiderate guests compromise your hard work!

La Belle Couture is always here to provide you all the help you need to have an unforgettable big day. We hope our tips help you cope better with your banquet celebrations, and we wish you a smooth experience! 

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