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How To Tackle Wedding Related Tasks Without A Wedding Planner

How to Tackle Wedding Related Tasks without a Wedding Planner

Tackle WeddingPurchasing the perfect dress and deciding on the idyllic venue for your upcoming nuptials is just a couple of the many tasks that lay ahead of you. To pull off a successful marriage ceremony, there is everything from the makeup and photography to car rental to take care of. Here’s how you can tackle some of the essential nuptial tasks successfully sans the aid of a professional planner.


What would be a wedding without photographs to remind you of your big day? Opting for a package plan for the entire celebration lets you secure the best of wedding photography in Singapore at a great price. It also saves you the trouble from having to liaise with different vendors! You should also consult the professionals if they provide, or are affiliates with, videography and instant photo booth services for your ceremony that guests are sure to love.

Bridal Makeup

Locate artists that specialize at wedding makeup in Singapore by asking for stylist recommendations. The bridal shop you source your gown from will be happy to provide them to you. Also ask to view the works of the make-up artists before you decide anything to see if s/he suits your style.

Car Rental

Looking for wedding car rentals in Singapore to pick you up right after the church ceremony? Think big and choose between classy options like a Mercedes or even a snazzy BMW.

Electing a wedding planner for these tasks may be tempting, but is not always everyone’s cup of tea, especially if it is to be an intimate ceremony. With these tips, you can rest assured knowing that these will help you get everything ready for the ideal ceremony.

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