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Identifying The Shades Of White In A Wedding Gown And Making The Best Out Of It

Identifying the Shades of White in A Wedding Gown and Making the Best Out of It

Modern wedding gowns come in multiple shades of white aside from traditional pristine white designs. It can be a tricky ordeal to find the perfect shade that complements your skin tone.

While lighting may be adjusted to bring out the best in your outfit and complexion, you should always consider skin tone, makeup palette and undertones (the subtle glow exuded from beneath your skin) before deciding on a shade.

We have put together a reference list of three popular shades of white, to share more about their subtleties, effects and meaning to help you settle for the ideal fit.

Shades of White #1: Stark White/ Pure White

We kick off this list with the classic shade of wedding gowns. This is the “snow white” of wedding gowns- truly the fairest of them all. Chances are, your mother and grandmother had worn stark white wedding gown for their big day, and why not? It is a timeless hue that continues to symbolise the purity and grace of the bride.

Pure white gowns are perfect for tanned and dark-skinned brides, accentuating their appearances through the sheer power of contrast.

But be warned, the spotless intensity of this shade is unsuitable for paler skin tones, which may wash out the complexion of the bride, dimming the healthy glow of complexion – certainly something to avoid!

Shades of White #2: Ivory

Ivory or sometimes referred to as eggshell, is the preferred shade for most modern brides. It has an off-white characteristic that complements most skin tones. The shade does not overwhelm your natural complexion and makes for easy pairing with a wide assortment of accessories.

Brides can be sure to look elegant in most wedding silhouettes through the versatility of ivory.

Additionally, ivory comes is available in a wide array of fabric options, ranging from tulle, chiffon lace and much more, which means that brides can be sure to find an ivory-hued gown made from their preferred fabric.

Shades of White #3: Natural White

Natural white is probably the best option for brides who prioritise comfort. Gowns produced in this shade are usually manufactured from natural fibres without bleaching techniques, etc. This makes their materials more breathable and easier on the skin. Its colour is less intensive than stark white but lighter than ivory.

A wedding gown is the quintessential armour of the bride – it brings out your inner charm while imbuing you with confidence. The bride is the star of the wedding, who will enchant the crowd with breath-taking beauty.  You are the cynosure of the grand occasion and la belle couture will assist you with your wedding goals.

We hope this article has helped you with your wedding gown preparations! Speak to your bridal wear expert when in doubt (they can assess your skin tone) and always remember, the devil is in the details!

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