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Important Tips You Must Consider Before Deciding On Your Wedding Venue Part I

Important Tips You Must Consider Before Deciding On Your Wedding Venue Part I

Choosing your wedding venue would definitely be one of the major things in your wedding planning checklist. Surely you would need a location to hold your wedding event! As first time soon-to-weds, choosing your wedding venue can be a tad intimidating.This is especially when you are clueless as to what to look out for. This article will be sharing some of the essential considerations to help you decide!

Wedding Venue Tips #1 : Consider the Cost

After you have confirmed your wedding date and number of wedding guests, then only would you be in a better position to decide what kind of wedding venue would be suitable.

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Moving on, the first consideration when deciding on your wedding venue, for most of us, would be the cost. Such cost can actually be quite huge, subject to the location and capacity. If you are holding at a restaurant because you prefer a small cosy and intimate wedding affair, the required capacity would not be as huge and may most probably cost less. However, it also depends on the standard and quality of the restaurant and its food, as well as its popularity. The wedding venue cost may still be high for a small restaurant that serves fine dining cuisine too!

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Additionally, the biggest misconception is to think that hotel wedding is more expensive than alternative venues. However, you will need to consider the package offered holistically. Hotels offer complete wedding packages that include food, drinks, and simple wedding decoration for the entire ballroom. While on the other hand, alternative venues operate on an ala carte basis. A per-head basis charges is usually what restaurants and cafes impose. Moreover, you will be required to hit a minimum spending for the venue to be able to hold a private event at their location. Other alternative venues such as gardens, parks or beaches will require you to source for your own vendors. Such vendors include food, drinks, tables and chairs. Wedding decoration, stationery and favours are also excluded in their rental costs.


Hence, if you prefer other alternative venues besides hotels, you may end up having to pay more for those that are not included in their venue rental package. Also, not forgetting that there would be more work at your end. You might end up having to source for those excluded vendors.

Wedding Venue Tips #2 : Does it Match Your Budget?

Naturally, after you have considered on the costs, the next step would be to compare it to your wedding budget. You would have a list of wedding items required and a breakdown of budget allocated to each item. This includes the booking of the wedding venue, to whether customising your wedding gown design makes sense and even going down to the purchase of wedding favours.

Taking the wedding venue cost and matching it to your allocated budget, ask yourself this. “If the costs exceed your budget, are you willing to cut down budget on other wedding items?” Surely there must be a give and take, since bursting your budget for a wedding item and yet not cutting costs on other items does not make sense.


If you prefer a wedding venue that does not offer a complete package, then you will also need to roughly estimate how much all these cost. This is because they may actually cost pretty high, mainly depending on your number of wedding guests. The more guests, the more food, drinks, tables and chairs are required. And these are necessary in a wedding affair.

Wedding Venue Tips #3 : What is the Available Capacity?

As mentioned, having an estimation of the number of wedding guests helps you decide better if a wedding venue is suitable. For example, if your estimation comes up to a figure of around 500 guests, it would be quite impossible to throw your wedding party at a small cosy restaurant. Do not forget that your parents might have their own guest list too.

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Such cosy settings make it possible for beautiful intimate wedding celebration. Most of these venues typically cater to a maximum of 180 guests for a sit-down or buffet wedding reception or dinner.

However, you should also check with the venue to see if they are able to accommodate by taking in more than their capacity. Otherwise, inquire if they have alternative solutions to make the space work for you. For example, some of the tables and chairs, or hotel decorations can be removed to create a bigger space.


Before deciding on your wedding venue, have you considered these important issues? You can see why these are some of the very essential factors that soon-to-weds couples have to think through first during their wedding planning stage. We will be sharing more of such important tips in our next article, so stay tuned!


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