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Important Tips You Must Consider Before Deciding On Your Wedding Venue Part II

Important Tips You Must Consider Before Deciding On Your Wedding Venue Part II

Previously, we shared some tips that you should consider when it comes to deciding where to hold your wedding at, and we hope you found them useful!

Now, to give you a better idea and in order for you to make a more informed decision, this article will also touch upon further tips to help you narrow down to the suitable wedding venue. You are strongly encouraged to consider before you set your heart and mind to your preferred wedding venue!

Wedding Venue Tips #1 : Consider the Weather

If you are opting to throw your wedding party at an outdoor area, it means that you need to have a dry and wet weather plans. More often than not, we only focus on wet weather plans, just in case a downpour comes out of nowhere. However, with Singapore’s climate, which has recently got somewhat quite erratic, the rising temperature can be quite a killer!

Hence, you should also consider on the ways to keep your guests comfortable in an outdoor wedding reception. Some simple ways include providing ice cold refreshments and cooling ventilation to cool them down through portable air conditioners.









Image Credit : Rosette Designs & Co

It would be good if the venue has an indoor area that is suitable and can accommodate to your wedding reception as well. If there isn’t any indoor locations, then one way to counter this is to build a tentage with cloth that cover the sides of area (and can get be lifted up). That way, you can pull the cloth down when the downpour comes. This would prevent the rain from entering the wedding venue due to the wind.

Therefore, during your site visit, we strongly urge that you check on the availability of an indoor reception area apart from your initial original plan to opt for an outdoor venue. Recce both sites and then consider if they are both suitable for your wedding event.

Image Credit : OneFabDay

Lastly, the least you can do to avoid such potential issues is to carefully decide when to have your wedding ceremony. In our little sunny island, the wet periods typically fall at the beginning and end of the year. Ironically, these are the more popular months that see more wedding ceremonies taking place. So take precaution!

Wedding Venue Tips #2 : The Impact on Your Wedding Gown

When choosing your wedding gown, the factors to consider are not always limited to how the wedding gown should flaunt your best assets. The other important consideration to take into account is your wedding venue. Most brides overlook this point and end up having a mismatched wedding gown with the wedding venue.

For example, if your dream wedding gown is a grandiose looking ball gown but the ideal wedding venue you have in mind is an outdoor environment of a barn/forest look, then you would start to realise that these two don’t go hand in hand together. Furthermore, the area may not have sufficient space for you to sashay if you are donning a wedding ball gown with a long train.

It is ideal for your wedding gown and venue to complement each other. If you love rustic wedding themes and thus decided to have your wedding at a farm/barn for the perfect ambience, you should consider the weather, the grassland and the wedding dress style to pull off that rustic wedding theme. In such cases, A-line wedding gowns with a simple lace embroidery on the bodice would be perfect!

If the hot and humid weather is a concern, you should avoid choosing a long sleeve wedding gown and opt for a short wedding dress or a sleeveless wedding dress instead.

The former would feature a casual and chic look, while the latter still features a grand look without taking the essence.

Wedding Venue Tips #3 : Is It Easily Accessible?

Another important factor to consider before deciding on your wedding venue is the accessibility of the location. If you prefer a small and intimate wedding fair which provides a cosier ambience, you may be more inclined in choosing a venue that is quietly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of our busy city life.

However, one thing to consider would be how your guests are able to arrive at the wedding venue. For example, how far is the parking areas from the wedding venue, or what the other options to consider when you are arriving at the wedding venue.

It would be good to make a trip down to the place yourself so that you have a better idea of how convenient it is to get there. Don’t forget, not every wedding guests drive. Therefore, some of them may travel by public transport. Wedding guests who are not as IT-savvy such as older relatives may not utilise GPS to help them find their way. If you find it difficult to find the place, chances are, your wedding guests would too. This is especially so if it is their first time there.

Image Credit : AS Invites

However, that is not to say that you should give the wedding venue up just because it is inaccessible and may be a hassle to your wedding guests. Try consider providing a detailed map to the venue with clear directions and set up signage along the way to guide them to the venue. Alternatively, you may also consider renting a minibus to ferry your guests to and fro the nearest MRT station. In that case, your guests need not worry about how to get to the wedding venue and how to get home.


Before deciding on your wedding venue, have you considered these important issues? You can see why these are some of the very essential factors that soon-to-weds couples have to think through first during their wedding planning stage. Do you think these factors are important? Share your thoughts with us!


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