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Intimate Weddings Vs Virtual Weddings

Intimate Weddings Vs Virtual Weddings

Intimate weddings or virtual weddings, it’s all about professing your true romantic feelings to the world. We’ve covered the wonders of virtual weddings in our previous article, but let’s not forget about the amazing qualities. Now (this period of societal semi-stasis) might be the perfect time to consider a fusion – combining the elements of intimate and virtual weddings for the ideal experience. 

Before that, let’s take a close look at each setting’s pros and cons to understand how we can fuse the best bits for a uniquely special celebration. 

Pros of Intimate Weddings #1: The Human Connection

What do traditional celebrations of birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s have in common? Yes, you probably guessed it – they involve the human touch! Nothing beats greeting and mingling with guests to soak in the jolly mood. A wedding is more precious than annual holidays and festivities – it’s an epic milestone in your adult life! 

Brides select the most fabulous wedding gowns to showcase their happiness in front of dear relations with full splendour. Sure, pre-wedding photography is a plus, and it immortalizes the mood, but nothing beats receiving the blessing in person. The shaking of hands, hugs, exchange of warm smiles, and meaningful conversations make a wedding truly memorable. 

Pros of Intimate Weddings #2: Sharing the Joy

Posting and sharing your wedding photography images and videos on social media is one way to spread your joy. You’ll probably get reactions, likes, congratulations, and maybe even phone calls. However, by inviting guests for intimate weddings, you’re essentially opening your hearts to them. You’re indirectly telling them to share a priceless moment in your life – they’ll be in the photos, joining the toasts, and looking back years down the road to say, “Hey, I was there!”

Ultimately, couples aren’t looking to show off but to invite loved ones in accompanying them through the lifechanging occasion. As the saying goes, “you need to see it in person to believe it.”

Cons of Intimate Weddings: All Out Preparation 

On-site weddings will require meticulous prep work that takes weeks, months, or even years. Couples look forward to doing it once and doing it right. You’ll also need to RSVP your fave people and ensure they can turn up for the event – you don’t want a mostly empty ballroom on your big day. 

Then there is the venue, decor, wedding gowns, favours, makeup artist, photographer, and the whole nine yards. Which is why in case of emergency, always break the glass and grab a wedding planner. 

Pros and Cons of Virtual Weddings: Digitised Atmosphere

Here’s the trade-off: unmatched convenience for actual attendance. The deal might seem godsent to true blue introverts. A live-streamed wedding also enables participation in fun and interactive ways – drop a comment, share a GIF, or add filters to a scene. 


If you’re feeling adventurous, consider a VR footage where videographers capture 360-degree videos that encapsulate the entire wedding experience. You’ll be able to relive your big day all over again courtesy of a VR device like the Oculus Rift. Yes, technology has come such a long way!


The downside with virtual weddings is despite all of the fancy interaction tools, and we can’t deny that they’re just substitutes for face-to-face contact. Super sociable couples might sense something lacking in the atmosphere as they say “I Do.”




There is no right or wrong in wedding celebrations. We think it might be advantageous to include both intimate and virtual wedding elements for your big day. For example, couples may stick to e-invitations and provide live-stream coverage for relations abroad (and can’t make it down due to the current situation) while going ahead with an intimate celebration. 


Regardless of the eventual decision, it is always the right time for love, and La Belle Couture is here to help see you through the most sensational event. 

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