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La Belle Couture Reveals Bridal Gown Designs From Latest Bridal Gown Collection, Parisian, And Simplicity Bridal Range At Mandarin Oriental Singapore!

La Belle Couture Reveals Bridal Gown Designs From Latest Bridal Gown Collection, Parisian, And Simplicity Bridal Range At Mandarin Oriental Singapore!

On 24th February, La Belle Couture was invited by Mandarin Oriental Singapore to be a part of their highly anticipated wedding showcase, Coral Chic. In its unique fan-shaped and pillar-less ballroom, lush flowers of a wide variety were used to brighten up the place. 

During the showcase, it was split into two bridal gown collections, namely Simplicity Bridal Collection and Parisian Bridal Collection (Capsule).

La Belle Couture Reveals Bridal Gown Designs From Simplicity Bridal Range

For the first two segments, top favourites from the Simplicity bridal gown range took centre stage.

So why was the Simplicity Bridal Range created? Actually, Lucas and Jimmy got the idea of how brides should be able to showcase their individualism. That’s why, every wedding dress design is purposely put together to suit a variety of styles. Brides will definitely their guests with a look that is modern yet understated.

You would notice that the details on the wedding dress designs are kept to a minimum. Every component seems to shine on its own, without overshadowing the other. This is really great for brides who intend to have a casual wedding affair. 

Not to mention, they are rented at very affordable rates!

This mermaid wedding dress from our Simplicity Bridal range immediately transform brides into an icon of effortless sophistication.

Steering away from the typical mermaid silhouette, a soft tulle was extended from both sides of the bodice to the floor. This sure elevates the look, while giving an illusion of smaller hips. 

Transform into an enchantress in this simple yet unique wedding dress!

Supported by ribbon straps, this wedding dress would definitely be charmer amongst your guests. At first glance, this wedding dress design may appear a little too revealing, but you need not worry about that!

With a translucent mesh at the centre of the plunging neckline and sides of bodice, you will definitely carry a style that balances between allure and youthfulness.

Instead of just one high slit, why not make it two in this wedding dress design?

Because of how light the skirt is and where the slits end, it will flow nicely as you walk down the aisle. For a more elevated look, a portion of a lace applique was skilfully cut out to stitch to the centre of the sheer bodice. Thin plain straps were used to support the bodice, offering a more bohemian look.

The first thing most brides noticed would be the uniques sleeves of this wedding dress. Light and soft floral patterns were layered over each other at the front of the straps, ending only ¼ of the strap from the back. 

Small floral cutouts were intertwined with each other on the bodice, which eventually cascades a little on one side. To complete the look, a simple chiffon skirt is used for a softer look! Brides will definitely exude a style that combines adventure and elegance.


If you have it, flaunt it! The classic mermaid silhouettes are great for brides who want to outline their curves and svelte figure. 

Using shimmering crystals, they were stitched between the floral motifs to give it more dimension. With a slightly voluminous skirt, you will definitely sport a narrower waistline!

Let your womanliness shine in this captivating number! The lace patterns extends out of the bodice to the illusion sleeves for a dimensional style that will definitely stand against time. 

La Belle Couture Reveals Bridal Gown Designs From Latest Bridal Collection, Parisian

Next up, the two segments features wedding gown designs from Parisian.

How did it came about? It all started from the instant attraction to Paris’ beautiful streets and its rich culture of the old and new.

With that mind, the inspiration behind each wedding dress is to feature the fusion of old and new, without losing the beauty of it all. The classic wedding dress designs are re-imagined into modern bridal designs, which would be perfect for the contemporary bride!

Hand crafted with an array of French lace and assorted beads, these wedding gowns are ultra breathtaking, ethereal and sleek altogether. To fit the look, all of the models were spotted with a sleek high ponytail, allowing the beauty of each wedding gown design to take centre stage.

Although the neckline plunges to a wide v neckline, you would not suffer any nip slip as the sheer mesh is placed at the centre.

This strikingly modern design is characterised by the plunging neckline and the multi layered skirt that showcases a gradual movement. Brides who are epitomised by her fearlessness would definitely love this design.

If you are a bride who likes to shake things and stand out, then this sensual mermaid number might just be the one. The slight sheer from the beadworks on floral motifs would definitely steal the show!

It is impossible to not be drawn to this enthralling wedding gown. The fluttering tulle on the sleeves sure makes any bride look like a fairy.

Although it looks simple from afar, you would notice the details up close, starting the embroidered lace on the bodice, to the several layers of varied soft fabrics for the skirt.

Less is truly more! Starting the embroidered lace on the bodice, to the several layers of varied soft fabrics used for the skirt, this look awaits for the modern princess in you. 

Take the chance to flaunt your collarbones in these off-shoulder wedding gown from Parisian! Designed to exhibit royalty with a modern touch, you can opt for a petticoat that is wider if you want to have a narrow waistline. 

There are more wedding gown designs from each collection that weren’t featured at the show. For a more extensive view, make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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