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La Belle Couture Reveals The Top Picks From The Bloomingdale Collection

La Belle Couture Reveals The Top Picks from the Bloomingdale Collection

The Bloomingdale collection is the latest in the line of La Belle Couture originals. As shared by the La Belle Gown Design team, flowers were a huge inspiration in the design process of Bloomingdale wedding gowns.Let’s take a closer look at the dazzling collection to witness some of its most eye-catching designs.  

After all, who doesn’t love flowers?

Bloomingdale Collection Top Bridal Gown Picks #1: Lavender Off- Shoulder Tulle Ball Gown 

A noteworthy favourite from the collection! Its well-fitted sweetheart bodice provides brides with a sophisticated look of grace and feminine beauty. Additionally, lavender is a color of purity and poise that will accentuate your womanly features. 

The main draw however, comes from the gorgeous floral appliqués that complete this stunning number. We cannot help feeling mesmerized by its enchanting details!  

 Definitely an option to be considered if you are opting for a non-white ensemble.

Bloomingdale Collection Top Bridal Gown Picks #2: Prismatic Tulle Ball Gown

A perfect wedding gown for brides who simply don’t know which colour to pick for their big day! 

Jokes aside, this brilliant design is certainly going to wow your guests on your wedding day. The gown is made from a lightweight tulle fabric that allows you to spin and twirl (effortlessly) to create a kaleidoscope of hues. As such, it is ideal for pre-wedding shoots, especially if you’re aiming for a colour-rich theme.

Bloomingdale Collection Top Bridal Gown Picks #3: Indigo Taffeta High Slit Gown with Shoulder Details

This is certainly one way to make a grand entrance. The high slit of the bridal gown allows you to show off your allure and elegance. 

Its Ballerina-inspired bodice will keep you tucked in at all the right places to achieve a flawless silhouette for your wedding photos. The single leafy adornment cascading off the shoulder is a nice topper to the classy outfit.  

Bloomingdale Collection Top Bridal Gown Picks #4: Caped Sheath Gown with Lace Details

This regal look is perhaps one of the major highlights from the collection. The form-fitting gown is fashioned with elaborate lace details paired with a diaphanous cape. You will be walking the aisle with an aura of majesty. 

We particularly adore the sequined collar of the cape, which attracts immediate attention to the alluring neckline. Get ready for a royal Wedding affair with this getup!


Those were just some of our picks from the captivating Bloomingdale collection – there is much more where that came from! Did you discover your dream bridal look from any of our suggestions? Let us know!

In our next feature, we will be showing more shots of our styled shoot with Multifolds, Rosette Designs & Co, Twig and Twine, Autelier Makeup and us! We will be sharing the inspiration behind this unique shoot, which might just be the inspiration you need 😉

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services! 

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