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La Belle Couture Wedding Couple Feature: Carissa And Eric

La Belle Couture Wedding Couple Feature: Carissa and Eric

While a wedding signifies the celebration of a new marriage, it is the everlasting love and commitment in a relationship that sustains a marriage. It encourages us when we see couples bravely face any obstacle ahead.

Started from a workplace romance, it is almost like Carissa and Eric were meant to be. There was never a moment of them wearing a frown or a look of annoyance when they were at La Belle Couture.

Wedding Couple Feature Question 1: First of all, how did you two meet?

Carissa and Eric: We previously worked at the same company and that’s how we became friends.

Wedding Couple Feature Question 2: What was the first impression?

C: When I first saw Eric, I felt that he was very smart looking. His fashion sense was very minimalistic, which was very similar to mine! (although it is always interpreted as the “boring” style). At the start, I thought he was rather insensitive and obnoxious. Turns out that was just a front and there was more to that.

E: Carissa was like a model in the office and had great fashion sense. At first glance, she was like that untouchable ice queen. Once I took the time to know her better, she was not the ice queen I thought she was. She is both passionate and loud.

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Wedding Couple Feature Question 3: What is the one favourite thing you like about each other?

C: Hmm. Although he occasionally irritates me with his playful and cheeky nature, Eric can be a romantic at the right times! Sounds like a double-edged sword  *laughs*

E: I like how she is straightforward and doesn’t beat around the bush.

2_wedding day Actual day kua

Wedding Couple Feature Question 4: What made you decide that he/she as the one?

C: Despite of what I have said earlier, Eric is very understanding, and will never stop to try his best to put himself in my shoes, even when I wasn’t responding or avoiding the matter. At the same time, he was always there to reassure me that everything was going to be alright. He always puts my happiness first, as if it is his duty to make me laugh all the time!

E: Over the course of knowing her, I realised that I was slowly attracted to her personality. Eventually as time went go, we clicked better and here we are, as a newly wedded couple

3_wedding day celebration

Wedding Couple Feature Question 5: How was the proposal like?

C & E: There was no formal proposal. It was a simple affair that reflected an official commitment to our future. I believe both of our faces were very serious and the moment was pretty tense

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Wedding Couple Feature Question 6: Now that the wedding is over, what’s next in your plans?

C & E: Now, we are focusing on building our lives together with our adorable son, Zack!

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