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La Belle Couture Wedding Couple Feature: Elfin & Kristen

La Belle Couture Wedding Couple Feature: Elfin & Kristen

Having first met at work, it seems that it was fate that they ended up within proximity, despite being under different supervisors. With only good words for each other, they have a love story that will definitely make everyone go awwwww.

Since their wedding happened last July, we thought it would be nice to feature them to celebrate their anniversary!

Wedding Couple Feature Question 1: How did you guys meet?

Kristen and Elfin: We met at DUKE-NUS Graduate Medical School back in 2009. It was Elfin’s first job after graduating from university. We were both research assistants working for different Principal Investigators. We only got closer after getting to know one another better through work activities and gatherings.

Wedding Couple Feature Question 2: What was the first impression?

Kristen: I met him on his first day reporting to work and he had that “Mr Nice Guy” vibe. He was a very quiet and hardworking person. I thought he was a little unfriendly at first because he rejected me when I asked him to join my colleagues and I for lunch:(

Elfin: Duke-NUS was where I started my first job and I was a greenhorn around the lab.  She had been working in the lab at Duke-NUS for awhile before I joined so she was like a dependable senior colleague to me. I found her to be outgoing and chatty. 

Wedding Couple Feature Question 3: What is the one favourite thing you like about each other?

Kristen: To be honest, I like everything about him! But if I really had to pick one, it would be being a pillar of strength for me. He is always encouraging me through difficult moments in life.

Elfin: My favourite part about her is that she is smart, kind-hearted and thoughtful towards others, especially old folks and young children. You may read that as three things I like about her, but to me she has the whole package.  

Wedding Couple Feature Question 4: What made you decide that he/she as the one?

Kristen: I feel that I could be myself and let myself go whenever I’m with him. He will always be there to protect me and we also share similar dreams for our future. Most importantly, he completes me.

Elfin: She integrated very well with my immediate and extended family. Even my closest friends got along well with her. After seeing how well she got on with everyone close to me, I felt that she was the one.    

Wedding Couple Feature Question 5: How was the proposal like?

Kristen: We were in Melbourne for a holiday. It happened at the River God fountain in Fitzroy Gardens. He pretended to use the tripod to take a photo of us but he was actually setting up video recording.  He went kneel down on his knees and ask me to marry him. The proposal was very intimate and the place so serene and beautiful. Somehow, I already sort of guessed he might take this travel opportunity to pop the question. Deep down in my heart, I was jumping with joy. It was a wonderful moment for us.

Elfin: I was pretending to be relaxed and enjoying the stroll through the garden, while frantically looking for a perfect backdrop to film the proposal. It had to be a great setting with no strangers in the background so that we could make a beautiful memory to keep forever. Fortunately, our walk brought us to the River God fountain and everything went as planned.

Wedding Couple Feature Question 6: Now that the wedding is over, what’s next in your plans?

We hope to start a family soon and start the next phase of our journey together. We will also be moving into our house which should be ready by the third quarter of this year

Wedding Couple Feature Question 7: How was your experience with La Belle Couture!

Kristen: The people in La Belle was able to understand my needs and recommended a white wedding dress that suited me the best. Peiwen was also very accommodating to my requests. The most enjoyable part is definitely getting to try all the different wedding and bridal gowns which Lucas designed and knowing that it truly wowed Elfin!

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