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La Belle Couture Wedding Couple Feature: Siow Wei And Andy

La Belle Couture Wedding Couple Feature: Siow Wei And Andy

It has been a while since we last had a La Belle Couture Wedding Couple feature! Today, we will be focusing on Siow Wei and Andy.

When we first met Siow Wei and Andy, the first thought that came up in our minds were “okay they seem really quiet. Hmmm it might take some time to make them feel comfortable”.

Little did we know how wrong we were.

In contrary to our first impressions (and we’re terribly sorry for this), Siow Wei and Andy was (and still is) one of the nicest couples we have ever met. They were polite, sweet and everything good. They never fail to bring a smile to our faces.

That’s not all. We noticed how loving they were through the tiniest actions. From how they look out for each other, the silent encouragements as they continued the shoot and more, it was obvious they are very much in love.

So, we wanted to know how it all started!

La Belle Couture Wedding Couple Feature Question 1: How was your love story like?

Siow Wei: Andy & I met and worked in the same workplace. At that point of time, I was a new employee to the company and was assigned to help out in an event project. A few days, Andy was looped inside the project too.

That was when the sparks pzzt him. That means he likes what he saw ;). That’s when he started the conversation with me. Not long after, we begun to write our love story!

Andy: For me, I felt that we hit it off very well! We seemed to connect very well during and outside of work. I was very comfortable with her, which was really important to me. That’s when I decided to make my move and began courting her.

La Belle Couture Wedding Couple Feature Question 2: What attracted you t0 the other party?


Andy: Despite having met for the first time, she was (and still is) down to earth! She never fails to dish out her winning bright smile, which really puts my heart at ease.

Siow Wei: As for me, it was definitely his love for me (laughs). On top of that, he is a man who possesses a heart of gold. He  greatly cares for his friends and our families! He would even take further steps to donate to the poor and underprivileged.

La Belle Couture Wedding Couple Feature Question 3: What do you enjoy most with each other’s company?

Siow Wei: I really like walking aimlessly with Andy during our dating time. Sometimes, we would end up somewhere unfamiliar. That’s when we let our explorers’ senses kick in, which was really fun!

La Belle Couture Wedding Couple Feature Question 4: How was your experience with La Belle Couture so far?

Siow Wei: The experience with La Belle Couture was superb! The staff were helpful, patient and friendly. When we first met Jimmy, He was very patient and didn’t push us. Instead, he explained  the packages that suit our needs, such as the wedding gowns or suits to select for the Actual Day and Pre wedding shoot. After that, he followed up with us, which was really great!

Even after having signed with them, he still warmly greets us whenever we come over for our appointments. He is really like the giant teddy at La Belle Couture!

We just took our pre wedding photos and trust me, it was something we were definitely not familiar with. Thankfully, we had Boon Dick as our photographer! His friendly demeanour and patience helped us feel a lot more comfortable. We were a little stiff too, so Boon Dick guided us on how to pose or where to look at.

Plus, his jokes helped us relaxed a lot more (although they were a little cold at time)! He definitely made us feel at home

Andy: For me, it has been a pleasant and stress free experience. Chloe, our bridal specialist, was very accommodating to our needs. The team was friendly and professional too!

La Belle Couture Wedding Couple Feature Question 3: Any advice you want to share with future engaged couples?

Siow Wei: All of us want a romantic, fanciful and glamorous wedding celebration that we can always look back and remember. But, in the midst of achieving that, you might end up causing a big hole in your bank account!

What’s more important is to know what you want and afford, and work towards that direction. Speak to wedding advisors on your cans and can’ts. They will most likely recommend services and packages that suit your needs. Or if couples do have the spare time, do opt to DIY your own wedding celebration as it makes it more meaningful!

Andy: Don’t wait for a perfect person, or that perfect moment. When your heart is ready, everything will come together when you meet the one.

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