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La Belle Couture Wedding Couple Feature: Wen Ting & Derrick

La Belle Couture Wedding Couple Feature: Wen Ting & Derrick

When we were asking Derrick and Wenting if we could feature them on our site, they were much more than willing to do so. Their joyful nature certainly made our journey with them a much more enjoyable experience.

Without further ado, here’re some snippets of their wedding preparation, on how they first met and their experience with La Belle Couture!

Wedding Couple Feature Question 1: First of all, how did you two meet?

Derrick and Wen Ting: We met as strangers online and sparks just flew. Our conversations would last till 4am on weekdays and when we decided to meet up a few months later, our chemistry didn’t wane and continued to chat like long time friends! Eventually that lead to a budding relationship and here we are!

wedding couple feature singapore Derrick and Wen Ting_1Wedding Couple Feature Question 2: What was the first impression of each other?

D: Oh she has very good balance! On our first date, she wore very high heels and they broke! But she managed to stay on feet and pretended that nothing happened. I would say that she has ballet dancer material.

WT: Haha he is very good at taking photos. There was a slight difference in his profile picture and when I saw him in person 😉

wedding couple feature singapore Derrick and Wen Ting_6

Wedding Couple Feature Question 3: What is the one favourite thing you like about each other?

D & W: I think the one thing we really like and appreciate about each other is the amount of chemistry we have. Although we met only 5 years ago, it always felt like we have known each other for a long time. We often end up having the same ideas and conclusions! Such is hard to come by you know. When you meet someone like that, it is a must to cherish him or her!

wedding couple feature singapore Derrick and Wen Ting_5wedding couple feature singapore Derrick and Wen Ting_4Wedding Couple Feature Question 5: How was the proposal like?

WT: Just to put it out there, I really love fireworks! On the day of the proposal,  it was New Year’s Eve. Of course, there would be fireworks and I didn’t want to miss them! But, just a few minutes before the fireworks started, Derrick had to go to the loo because of a stomachache!

I was genuinely angry because I was going to miss the fireworks! Turns out, he staged the pain and the “toilet” that he had gone to ended up being a secret location for the proposal. I must say, his acting skills was so good that he truly deserved an Oscar award!

wedding couple feature singapore Derrick and Wen Ting_7Wedding Couple Feature Question 6: Now that the wedding is over, what’s next in your plans?

WT & D: Although we do have family planning in mind, we are trying to enjoy each other’s company as much as possible before our family has a new member.

3Wedding Couple Feature Question 7: Last question! Share with us how your experience was like with La Belle Couture

D: A marriage is a once in a time lifetime moment and we are very grateful to La Belle Couture for putting the glitter on our special day. The services were as good as the gown selection and choosing La Belle was the right choice for us. Special mention to Peiwen for a marvellous job done for us. A heartfelt thank you!

wedding couple feature singapore Derrick and Wen Ting_1

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