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La Belle Couture Wedding Feature: Jowynn And Andre

La Belle Couture Wedding Feature: Jowynn and Andre

Today, we will be featuring another couple of ours, Jowynn and Andre! In this digital age, it is a norm for couples to meet via online means! Delve into their story on how they met, the lessons learnt and their overall wedding experience with us!

La Belle Couture Wedding Feature Question 1: How Did You Guys Meet?

Jowynn: Unconventionally! We met on Tinder. I was (and still am) in an industry, where men are either rare or married. I didn’t have the opportunity to meet many of the opposite sex, so my best friend urged me to sign up for Tinder! There was where I met Andre, when we matched in 2016!

La Belle Couture Wedding Feature Question 2: What Were The Few Things That Attracted You To Him/Her?

Jowynn: I’ve always wanted a chubby boyfriend because handsome and well built men are intimidating to me! (Also, if my boyfriend is chubby, then I would look slimmer right? That’s what all women want. HAHAHA!).

Andre’s looks and built weren’t definitely what attracted me. It was his ultimate goal of always striving to be a better version of himself, no matter how difficult it is. He treats women with great respect, and is very meticulous and sensitive. Most importantly, he is filial to his grandparents and parents!

Andre: For me, what I love about Jowynn is her big heart. She has an aptitude of kindness that makes her a very beautiful being. On top of that, her wit and smart comebacks make our conversations fun yet intellectual altogether.

Another thing I value most is her culinary skills! As a certified nutritionist, she has whipped up dishes that are definitely palatable. One way to please a man is through his tummy right?

La Belle Couture Wedding Feature Question 3: What Made You Decide That This Was The Right Person To Be With For The Rest Of Your Life?

Jowynn: We spoke for months on Tinder before meeting. As cliche as it sounds, I kind of knew I wanted to marry Andre after our first date. It was not what he did or didn’t do, I went with my heart on this one and took leap of faith!

La Belle Couture Wedding Feature Question 4: Were There Times When Things Seemed Rougher Through The Relationship? And How Did You Guys Overcome Them?

Jowynn: Definitely! Our relationship was not all rainbows and sprinkles. We had our differences and were stubborn in our ways (and still are!).

Through this, we learnt the importance of communicating with each other. It is all about listening and understanding (and not listen to retaliate). That would make a world of difference to your relationship.

In fact, I added that in my wedding vows! I mentioned (and always remind myself) that we are both not perfect, but yet we are perfect for each other.

Andre: For me, it was about the difference in religions, in family backgrounds, expectations to conform. But, we kept reminding each other that at the end of the day, loving someone is wanting them to be happy. The main purpose is to make each other smile and laugh before and the start of the day!

La Belle Couture Wedding Feature Question 5: So Share With Me, How Was Your Experience With La Belle Couture!

Jowynn: Our experience with La Belle Couture was very smooth sailing!

May, our bridal specialist, understood our needs and made sure to recommend suitable wedding gowns and suits! Anna was amazing too, and there were many praises about how I looked!

On top of that, our wedding photographer, Kenny, understood what we needed. We were awkward but he consistently engaged with us and kept the mood light, which made the process more fun!

Andre: We could definitely see the dedication in the team as they tried their best to put everything together!

La Belle Couture Wedding Feature Question 6: Any Advice You Want To Share With Future Engaged Couples?

Andre: Whenever you are faced with setbacks, disappointments and frustrations, you need to constantly remember that the other party loves you very much. You will receive the support you need to overcome the obstacles ahead! Because of that, you need to always tell and show each other that you love them every day. The slightest actions are the ones that create the biggest impact.

Jowynn: I would tell all engaged couples to not give up when life (together) gets rocky! AS the saying goes, a relationship is like a house. When a lightbulb burns out, you don’t go and buy a new house; you fix the lightbulb.

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