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La Belle Presents: The Elysian Collection

La Belle Presents: The Elysian Collection

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By Laurenzo Overee

The Elysian Collection is La Belle Couture’s latest lineup of wedding gowns that will take your breath away. When people think of the Elysian Fields, they get reminded of purity, grace, and comfort. That’s precisely the concept behind the latest addition to La Belle’s bridal repertoire. 

We are here to share some of the interesting facts behind creating Elysian wedding gowns, and we got something cool for you at the end that you don’t want to miss! So, read on!

La Belle Couture Elysian Collection Fact #1 – Every Detail is Hand-sewn

La belle couture elysian collection

The collection features various motifs and intricate details (think gorgeous crystals and beads) that enhance the overall design of each wedding dress. We experimented with multiple bead designs, finally settling with four attractive options that create fabulous swirls and patterns that mesmerise any beholder. 

And the most amazing part? They were hand-sewn by our dedicated bridal designers. So you can expect quality and precision in each stitch, each element coming together to provide a fabulous display. 

So when you try an Elysian gown, you can rest assured that La Belle made them with the highest standards. Why? Because you’re the bride, we want to prepare you for one of the most precious moments in your adult life. 

La Belle Couture Elysian Collection Fact #2 – The Designs Are Comfy

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Comfort is a focus in the Elysian Collection. Aside from looking absolutely divine, the wedding dresses are lightweight and gentle on the skin. It’s all part of the Elysian fantasy – carefree in a peaceful field of bliss. So if you plan to have an outdoor affair, the Elysian Collection could be your go-to choice. 

Outdoor weddings are all the hype these days, with indoor crowds being less popular due to the current situation. It’s also a preferred choice for bohemian brides who wish to express their love in less formal settings. The Elysian Collection will still turn heads among guests while you stay relaxed and confident in the outside heat. 

La Belle Couture Elysian Collection Fact #3 – The Collection Represents Our Vision 

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The Elysian Collection features original understated designs that represent the La Belle Vision – in creating timeless wedding gowns. As such, it’s an exceptional assemblage that we hold close to our hearts. You can expect wedding gowns that will stay relevant and gorgeous for years and decades to come. 

Similarly, we will continue to provide the most awe-inspiring bridal solutions. The Elysian Collection is more than just another La Belle release, but a symbol of our tireless dedication and the ageless beauty of true love itself. 




As mentioned, we have some fantastic offers for you! If you book an appointment with us from now till the 31st of August, you’ll get an exclusive preview of the Elysian Collection. And yes, you’ll get to be one of the first brides to try them! But remember to book fast as there are only limited slots each day!

Oh, and since we are in a pretty generous mood lately, we will include a $288 cash voucher and hydrafacial experience (worth $420). Yes, you’ll receive all of it as a token for your interest in the La Belle Vision. It’s limited to the first 30 customers, so reach out to us quickly!

Learn more about the Elysian Collection/book an appointment here. Alternatively, you could share your idea of a heavenly wedding in the comments section below or via our social account. The Elysian Collection is all about realising your bridal paradise, and we look forward to your most blessed big day! 

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