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La Belle’s Top 3 Favourites: Past Wedding Gown Collections

La Belle’s Top 3 Favourites: Past Wedding Gown Collections

The La Belle Couture team always dedicates itself to the creation of stunning wedding gown collections. Each collection involves various design elements influenced by nature, the art of expression, and, yes, pure marital bliss. Our designers are always brainstorming for new ideas and concepts to blow your mind. That’s why we kept working hard even throughout the pandemic and social disruptions. 

Over time, we’ve accumulated a formidable inventory of gown styles guaranteed to stock something special for any bride. La Belle creates each gown from scratch with your happiness as a top priority. We check out three of the most iconic La Belle originals that have become modern favourites. 

La Belle Couture Top Wedding Gown Collections #1:Whispers of Blossom 

Whispers of blossom is a spring-inspired wedding gown range that genuinely lives up to its name. Each dress style offers a subtle nod to nature’s floral beauties, symbolic of their delicate but alluring petals. The collection features an array of lightweight gowns available in various hues, perfectly suited for a romantic garden wedding. 

Some gowns in the collection come embellished with gorgeous leaf and flower appliques that accentuate their wearers’ style and grace. Whispers of Blossom applies a soft colour palette with shades that occur in nature. Hence, the dresses are ideal for brides opting for a sweet and understated look.  

La Belle Couture Top Wedding Gown Collections #2: Parisian

Stylish, elegant, and glamorous are just three of the many thoughts that come to mind when referring to the Parisian collection. Wedding gowns from the range emanate class and sophistication influenced by the golden age of French couture.

The collection suits confident brides keen on impressing all in attendance with each step she takes on the aisle. Parisian’s distinct gown selections include the generous application of ultra-soft French lace and detailed bodices that accentuates each gown. If you’re seeking to look effortlessly majestic (like a queen more than a princess), then Parisian could be your answer. 

La Belle Couture Top Wedding Gown Collections #3: Bloomingdale

Bloomingdale is a nature-inspired collection that takes a unique spin on traditional wedding gowns. The range provides brides with novel ways to glam up their wedding ensemble, modernizing classic elements like capes and trains. Bloomingdale also offers a vast range of non-white designs, encouraging brides to try something slightly avant-garde for their life-changing event. Brides will have the opportunity to express their personalities without limitations, thanks to Bloomingdale’s stylish selections.  




We have listed three La Belle Couture wedding gown collections known for their unique elements. So, did any of them catch your fancy? No worries if you’re seeking something entirely different! Our dedicated and knowledgeable consultants will guide you through the rest of our expanding collections to locate your dream wedding gown!


Alternatively, you might consider a bespoke wedding gown that integrates your favourite elements for unique results that shouts,  you. Regardless of your wedding gown journey, know La Belle is here to help each step of the way. We will never leave you drowning in doubts and choices. Let’s save you the headache!


Finally, stay blissful, truthful, and safe! Remember, you deserve the best simply for being you! 

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