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La Belle’s Top 3 Favourites: Wedding Gown Colours

La Belle’s Top 3 Favourites: Wedding Gown Colours

A wedding comes with all kinds of traditions and customs. Every element usually conveys a deep-rooted meaning – often symbolic. For example, did you know that various wedding gown colours possess distinct connotations? Sure, chosen colours reflect a bride’s unique style and personality, but they may also carry a deeper meaning. 

As society becomes more progressive, so do our beautiful modern brides. Wedding gown colours now go beyond traditional white and off-white hues. La Belle visits the top three wedding gown colours that have taken our collective breaths away.  

Top Wedding Gown Colours: Off-White

Did you think we were going to begin the list with anything aside from off-white? Sorry to disappoint, but there’s a reason why off-white wedding gowns remain a top fave among brides. Ivory, cream, vanilla, call it what you like, are colours that instantly enhance the bridal mood.

Some of the earliest wedding gowns were white, and there’s a good reason for that. White represents purity, sincerity, and flawless beauty. While a veil has become optional in many cases, the white wedding gown remains a lasting staple among couples. 

Oh, and white also symbolises lifelong stability and goodness, so we don’t think the colour will be falling out of fashion anytime soon!

Top Wedding Gown Colours: Red 

Red is an extremely popular and auspicious colour in Chinese traditions. As such, adding red to your wedding may result in double blessings! If you’re not a massive fan of luck and chance, red is a striking shade guaranteed to make you the star attraction. So if you’re a bride with a bold personality, red might be your go-to colour.

A red wedding gown effuses with passion and complements perfectly with your lipstick (remember, there’s a shade for every woman) and bouquets. On a deeper level, red embodies vitality and signals the beginning of a new chapter in your life. If you’re seeking to diversify your wedding looks, consider matching red outfits with black or gold accessories. 

Top Wedding Gown Colours: Purple

Ah, purple, the colour fit for a royal reception. A purple wedding gown adds class, elegance, and grandeur to your ensemble. If you’re seeking confidence in your every step down the aisle, purple will make you feel like a mighty majesty on coronation day. 

Additionally, purple has the fantastic quality of complementing any skin tone, whether you’re snow-white or a tanned outdoor athlete. Grand ballgowns with ruffle skirt designs can round off the regal shade. Why look like a princess on your wedding day when you can be the queen? 




There are countless wedding gown colours to choose from these days. Orange, silver, gold, rainbow, and even motif designs are no longer shocking finds. Most importantly, find a colour that you’re comfortable wearing. If you’re on the conservative side, it’s okay to go with “safe,” off-white designs. If you’re a rebel at heart with a strong sense of individuality, then go for unconventional shades. 

As the legendary artist Wassily Kandinsky said, “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.”Come what may, you’ll know what works best for you – and if you’re ever in doubt, just remember that the La Belle team is always ready to guide you towards your dream wedding!

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