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La Belle’s Top Ballgown Wedding Dresses

La Belle’s Top Ballgown Wedding Dresses

The wedding gown is like a bride’s armour – it gives her strength and she’ll look larger than life. While there are many designs and silhouettes to choose from, the ballgown is an instant fave for many brides. The combination of a fitted bodice and flowy skirt creates a feminine appearance that defines the quintessential bridal look. 

Over the years, La Belle has revealed various ballgown dresses, all exclusively designed and hand-stitched by our in-house wedding gown designer. We revisit some of the most breathtaking options to provide you with some inspo for your grand affair. 

La Belle Couture Ballgown Design #1 – Sheer Love

La Belle’s Sheer Love collection features comfortable yet elegant designs that will make you look and feel great despite the warmest days. Sheer Love features a chic ballroom gown (as shown above) that channels a ballerina-like poise with an embellished bodice and fluffy (tutu-like) skirt. 

Sheer Love’s selection of lightweight fabric choices invites you to celebrate your love and be free. Now, there’s nothing holding you back from being who you want to be on your beautiful wedding day!

La Belle Couture Ballgown Design #2 – Bloomingdale

La Belle’s Bloomingdale Strapped ballgown is a fine example of the collection, which borrows its style heavily from springtime flowers. The design features gorgeous floral patterns across the hem and bodice that make the wedding gown pop. 

Additionally, the dress comes with a delightful sash that adds a sweet and pretty touch to the overall appearance. The unique gown represents the beginning of something amazing – a life chapter of bliss and celebration.  

La Belle Couture Ballgown Design #3 – Parisian 

Bright lights, chandeliers, majestic hallways, and high society – that’s the general vibe you get with La Belle’s Parisian range. The ballgowns in this collection will fulfill your dreams of looking like a modern dutchess or marchioness. Every piece resonates with class and eclat that will make your wedding a majestic event. 

Parisian also features a wide range of non-white ballgowns highly recommended for the new-age bride who seeks sophisticated designs. These stunning wedding gown colours include red, gray, and purple. 

La Belle Couture  Ballgroom Design #4 – Whimsical Wonderland 

La Belle’s Whimsical Wonderland is for the thoughtful bride who fancies some elements of fantasy. The collection comprises unique ballroom designs with lavish illusion necklines, enchanting hues, and distinctive fabric – for a truly unique bridal experience. If you find yourself constantly flipping through bridal catalogs and shaking your head at conventional styles, the Whimsical Wonderland collection might be your best bet. 




We believe you’ll look nothing short of incredible regardless of the ballroom gown you choose. But please know that if you need some assistance in finding the ideal wedding gown from your heart’s desire, the La Belle Team is always here to help you out! We’re more than a bridal boutique – we’re dream-makers. Let’s realise your aspired look without exceptions, let’s make your big day special, just the way you are. 

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