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La Belle’s Top Three Wedding Gown Details

La Belle’s Top Three Wedding Gown Details

If you’re a blushing bride anticipating your grand affair, gown-testing probably lies at the top of your agenda. But which gown exactly will you settle for when all is said and done? There are so many available designs that your head spins when you take them all in at once. That’s why it’s necessary to zoom in on wedding gown details. 

Many elements make up a wedding gown and give you the captivating visual of your dreams when put together. While not everybody is a fan of sequins, veils, and appliques, some details are necessary (i.e., neckline, hemline, and fabric) in the gown’s construct. We share some of our top designs of these said details to offer some inspiration for your desired look. 

Top Wedding Gown Details #1: Cathedral Trains

Few wedding gown details are as majestic and elegant as the cathedral train. In case you’re wondering, the train refers to the wedding gown hemline that touches the ground. Essentially, it creates an aura of grandeur as you walk down the aisle to exchange that life-changing vow. 

There are various types of trains to choose from, ranging from the chic chapel to stunning royal designs – but the cathedral train wins our hearts. When you visualise a grand wedding with Felix Mendelssohn’s Wedding March playing, church bells chiming, and red petals scattered at your footfalls – you’ll need a cathedral train to complete the scene.  

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, it’s best to practise walking in these trains. It’s also ideal (if not necessary) to have flower girls or bridesmaids lift the fabric as you take your graceful gait.  

Top Wedding Gown Details #2: Long Embellished Sleeves 

As proven by vintage style icon Grace Kelly and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, there’s something indescribably charming about long-sleeved wedding gowns. It reminds us of the princesses of yore, the type we read about in fairytales. While many brides prefer to bare their arms and shoulders, coverage could lend a touch of feminine refinement. 

If you opt for long-sleeved wedding gowns, consider embellishments that complement the rest of your outfit design instead of solid colors. We recommend french lace elements that instantly add magic to the bridal look. 

Top Wedding Gown Details #3: Sweetheart Neckline

Necklines play a crucial role in determining the overall appearance of your wedding outfit. The feature serves as the bridge between the top area (your hair and make-up) and the skirt. When it comes to necklines, the sweetheart is a popular go-to choice. As you might guess, its name comes from how the neckline gives the top/corset a heart shape design.   

We love it because it’s form-fitting, enhancing the feminine figures of brides regardless of shape or size. If you’re looking for a “safe” neckline that mesmerizes your partner and guests, then look no further than the sweetheart. 




The fun part about gown testing is that you get the special opportunity to experiment with various looks to see which works best. And honestly, we believe in the creed – “you never know until you try!” It might be exhausting to change wedding gowns after wedding gowns but trust us, it’s going to be worth every minute and drop of sweat. When you hit that voila moment, you’ll smack your lips in satisfaction and gain all the confidence in the world to own that aisle. 

If you’re still in doubt, remember the La Belle Team is here to help you find that elusive wedding gown in your mind’s eye. Speak with our experts, and we’ll make your bridal wishes come true!

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