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Make These Top Wedding Photography Mistakes Part I, And You Will Be On Your Way To Disastrous Wedding Photography Journey!

Make These Top Wedding Photography Mistakes Part I, And You Will Be On Your Way To Disastrous Wedding Photography Journey!

The purpose of your wedding photography is to capture the essence of your love. Nonetheless, it should be an enjoyable journey, since you will be doing your wedding photography only once!

To avoid ruining it, here are some of the consolidated most common wedding photography mistakes in this article that you have avoid. That way, you will be on your way to enjoyable wedding photography journey, along with beautiful wedding photos that would fit what you are looking for!

Wedding Photography Mistake #1 : Not Informing Your Wedding Photographer Of Your Preferences Or Preferred Wedding Photography Style

Managing expectations is the most common thing to do in life to ensure that you get what you want. This, of course, even applies to your wedding photography.

What we mean is that every wedding couple would definitely want their wedding photography to turn out the way they have envisioned. However, such results can be obstructed if the said preferences and expectations are not made known to your wedding photographer.

singapore pre-wedding photography(19)

For example, if you prefer a fun-loving and cute wedding photography filled with vibrant colours and interesting props, you need to let your wedding photographer know. This is also to better prepare him of the type of wedding photography settings to go for, and suggested wedding photography venues to look out for!

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More importantly, at the same time, you should also request to view your wedding photographer’s portfolio and see if he has any experience in your preferred wedding photography style.

Wedding Photography Mistake #2 : Being Too Rigid In Your Wedding Photos

Lets be real! Your pre wedding photography will require some poses here and there.

However, the obstacle you might face during your pre wedding photography shoot is being too rigid. This would result in unnatural wedding pictures, which is probably the last thing you would want!

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We know that taking wedding photos is akin to taking professional photos, which can be  daunting. The best thing for you is to relax during your wedding photography.

What you can do to achieve that level of relaxed nature, it is best to practice different poses that you think you would like to have in your wedding shots. If you have no idea on the type of wedding photography poses to go for, you can always ask your wedding photographers for tips.

He/she can show you samples of wedding photography poses to consider and at your own time, practice it with your partner.


Though we think it is best to practice in private!

And during your wedding photoshoot, leave the rest to your wedding photographer, for a good wedding photographer will know how to get the best moments and shot of the day.

Wedding Photography Mistake #3 : Not Having A Finalised Wedding Photography Schedule

As your pre wedding photography would most likely take the whole day, you will need a concrete pre wedding photography schedule. To facilitate and better prepare your wedding photographer, you will need to inform your wedding photographer or even create the wedding photography schedule with him.

singapore pre-wedding photography(22)Why? This is due to the several factors to consider in terms of photographing and natural light. Certain times of the day are more photogenic than others. For example, the midday sun casts harsh and unflattering shadows on the face while the evening sun casts a beautiful and warm glow on everyone.

singapore pre-wedding photography(25)


At LaBelle Couture, we don’t just transform you into a princess on your wedding day. We want your wedding day to be a memorable one and such sweet memories to be perfectly captured for your wedding photography.

Next week, we will be sharing even more wedding photography mistakes that you need to avoid!


Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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