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Make These Top Wedding Photography Mistakes Part II, And You Will Be On Your Way To Disastrous Wedding Photography Journey!

Make These Top Wedding Photography Mistakes Part II, And You Will Be On Your Way To Disastrous Wedding Photography Journey!

Last week, we shared some wedding photography mistakes in hope that you will not commit them. You would be thrilled to know that this week, we are sharing 3 more wedding photography mistakes that are unknown and uncommon to most!

Wedding Photography Mistake #1 : Being too posey

Being too posey for your pictures result in an unnatural look. Especially so on your wedding day, where emotions are heightened for you, your groom and wedding guests. Stopping to pose for the camera just kills the ambience. Furthermore, it creates unnecessary stress on yourself. This is because you will always have to be on the lookout where the camera is at and consciously be camera-ready.

singapore pre-wedding photography(26)

It is not your duty to always be camera-ready but your wedding photographer should be on a high alert to be able to capture memorable moments on your wedding day.

Remember, just be yourself even though at the back of your mind, you are aware that there is a camera somewhere out there capturing you. There is nothing else as beautiful as being completely natural on your wedding day. Moreover, it is YOUR wedding day and not someone else’s whom you are trying to put off as.

All you need to do is to be in the moment. Relax and act naturally on your wedding day will certainly capture your best for your wedding photography. Leave the rest to your wedding photographer, for a good wedding photographer will know how to get the best moments and shot of the day.

Wedding Photography Mistake #2 : Having Wedding Guests Affect Your Wedding Photography

Unknown to many, but wedding guests can actually affect your wedding photography. This is especially the case for the relatives of the wedding couple. While we understand that your family members and loved ones are equally excited as you as it is your big day, letting them get in the way of your wedding photographer is definitely a big no-no.

Your wedding photographer’s line of sight should not be blocked for obvious reasons. If there is an over-enthusiastic relative or friend who is busily snapping pictures of you, this may create unnecessary problems for your wedding photographer. He would not be able to capture the best shots and angles of you.

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It may be awkward for your wedding photographer to politely ask your wedding guests to excuse them themselves. Hence, it is always good to have someone to help with such awkward situations. This person is none other than one of your wedding helpers.

singapore pre-wedding photography(28)This person should also help organise your wedding guests for portraits to be taken. Designate such task to someone you trust and knows your family and friends to be in charge in organising. This is because this person will need to gather your wedding guests, direct them on what shots they will be in, and then release them when they are done. This helps facilitate the event process and keep things moving quickly, smoothly and enjoyably.

Wedding Photography Mistake #3 : Waiting Too Long To Book Your Wedding Photographer

We know how overwhelming planning a wedding can be and at times, you may overlook some details. Grooms, this is why you need to be more proactive in helping out your gorgeous wife-to-be!

Your wedding photographer for your actual day wedding photography is definitely one of the most important to-do tasks. Unlike pre-wedding photography, once a moment is missed, it is difficult or impossible to return and relive that very moment of the wedding day.

singapore pre-wedding photography(30)

Hence, this is why you should avoid waiting too long to book your wedding photographer. If your wedding day is a popular day for weddings, then all the more you should quickly settle and book your wedding photographer. Especially for wedding photographers who are high in demand, they may most probably be committed to another wedding photography assignment.

singapore pre-wedding photography(31)Additionally, leaving to settle your wedding photographer till the very last minute, not only creates a high possibility of good wedding photographers being unavailable on your wedding day, it may also result in you having to rush through your booking of any Tom, Dick or Harry. This person may lack the expertise or due to the short notice, miscommunication of expectations of both parties may occur. All these issues are certainly not going to be of any help for your wedding photography.


At LaBelle Couture, we don’t just transform you into a princess on your wedding day. We want your wedding day to be a memorable one and such sweet memories to be perfectly captured for your wedding photography.


Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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