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Mastering The Wedding Aisle

Mastering the Wedding Aisle

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By Laurenzo Overee

Excited brides-to-be often talk about their wedding gown, venue, and even the honeymoon. Yet, there is one crucial aspect of weddings that goes understated. It’s none other than the wedding aisle. It’s not just any segment of the wedding, but an intimate journey where a bride takes her final walk as a single woman. 

It’s a transformative moment for brides to shine, so there should be lots of thought put into the preparation. Walking the wedding aisle goes beyond selecting the suitable gown. It’s about feeling confident and making the most out of every step. 

Wedding Aisle Tip #1 – Select the Right Wedding Gown Train

wedding gown train

Bridal trains are the attention-grabbing features of a wedding gown. When walking the wedding aisle, the length of your train can make a significant difference in the overall bridal ensemble. Choosing the right train is ultimately dependent on your preferred look. 

Brides may choose from diverse wedding gown trains, ranging from chic sweep styles to grand cathedral designs. A formal church-based wedding aisle may call for an ethereal cathedral train, while sweep tails are ideal for beach weddings.

Wedding Aisle Tip #2 – Practice, Practice, Practice 

wedding photography

The destined walk down the wedding aisle is a pivotal moment on your big day. As such, you shouldn’t attempt it within a single try! As much as possible, practice your pace and gait, and build your confidence for the actual event. Once the day arrives, you’ll own that aisle like a goddess walking on water. 

While it might not be possible to practice the walk at the wedding venue, you may do so in a similarly distanced walkway (i.e., at a park or garden).

Wedding Aisle Tip #3 – Choose the Right Tune

tips for walking the wedding aisle

Music makes the world go round and sets the tone within the atmosphere. That’s especially true in a precious moment such as walking the aisle. In this aspect, modern brides are super lucky. Just a hundred or so years ago, brides had to choose between Mendelssohn’s Wedding March or Wagner’s Bridal Chorus for the wedding aisle. There was little negotiation back then!

These days, you may choose any track that suits your style (as long as the venue management agrees to it! So screamo might be out of the question). So go ahead, pick that sentimental JJ Lin number or Star Wars Imperial March, and own that aisle!




The aisle might seem like a stressful challenge, but it shouldn’t be! As with any other part of the wedding preparation, just relax and trust your instinct. If you need some extra wedding pointers or advice in selecting the most suitable wedding veil, you can trust the experts at La Belle to guide you through each step. 

Also, don’t forget to check out La Belle’s latest line, the Elysian Collection. The gowns in the Elysian range featuring delicate European-style embellishments that exude grace, serenity, and sophistication. You might find the ideal wedding gown for the aisle! 

So what does the wedding aisle mean to you as a bride, and how will you choreograph your walk? Let us know on social media or in the comments section below! 

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