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Must read La Belle Couture Groom’s Dressing Guide: 10 Tips on how to look good even if you are the skinny/lanky type

We have received some emails from brides to be who are writing to ask for some pointers for dressing their grooms to be who are more lanky/skinny. Seems like it is quite a common concern that many wedding couples have. We’ve put together a list of handy tips below.

Here’s what to avoid:

1. Avoid dressing with fabrics with linear patterns, especially vertical lines, as it can exacerbate the slimming effect. Solid colours would be more recommended

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2.For your tie: avoid dark solid coloured skinny ties, as it could act as a strong divider in visually splitting your body into half

3.Remember the “V” in the last article? Avoid suits with the “V” cutting too low. It has a slimming effect too

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4. Avoid skinny cut pants that are too fitting – you know what we mean about that!

What to do:

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1.Select wider ties with thicker materials. Slanted lines or checked patterns can create the effect of expanding your chest

2.Wider checked patterns for the jacket can make the groom look wider. It can be complimented with using a lighter shade

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sssssssPhoto credit: Esquire

3.Shoes – choose shoes lower heels than higher ones. Higher ones elongates the legs
4. Choose suits with wider lapels to widen the look of the chest
5. Lighter colour pants can help to widen leg area
6. Put on a vest that has the same or similar colour as the jacket. That will help to add volume to the upper body

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