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Must read La Belle Couture Groom’s Dressing Guide: 15 Tips on how to look good even if you are not tall

Men today face a lot more pressure in the way they look and present themselves in their weddings and everyday life as compared to their peers a decade ago. Let’s face it, not all of us are gifted with chiseled good looks, a model like height and frame, and just the ideal amount of ‘muscular development’.

We dedicate this series to our real grooms out there who may be less than ideal height (which can be relative to their brides to be); men who want to look a little slimmer or a little fuller, this will be the right one for you. Years of experience helping real grooms suit up for their wedding has been condensed into the below tips for our grooms.

Dressing Objective: To elongate your body

What not to do:


  • Notice the V that the suit forms? Some men have the wrong impression that the higher and smaller the area of the V, the better. Wrong! A higher position of the V actually may make the body look shorter.

Example of a vest with a high ‘V’

  • The same will apply for choice of vests. Go for those with a lower cut.
  • The 3 essential elements – the jacket, the shirt and the tie, at least 2 of the 3 colour coordination should be taken into consideration. It is ok if you want to do some colour contrast, but having 3 colours fighting for attention may not be the best thing to do. Colour coordinate 2 of them and let the one colour pop.
  • Little things make a difference. Let your designer or coordinator know whether you are wearing a button or cuff link shirt. This will affect the length of your suit. Best of all, bring your actual shirt along, even for your first session in selecting your suit, such that the right measurements can be taken, and you get a better visualization of the final look. For the length of your shirt that peeks out of your suit is essential. A difference of an inch can make a massive difference.
  • The Korean style of having colour differences and even contrasting jacket and pants colours is all in the rage right now. It looks trendy and modern. To work this to your advantage, avoid having a darker colour top with a lighter colour bottom. The heaviness of the top colour may weigh down on the look, making the legs look even shorter. Work it the other way for a better look. If you have the option of another suit, go for a suit with a uniform colour throughout for less of a break of colour flow.


Stand and sit in your pants and determine the length you want your pants to be. This is especially important for men who want their pants to be more fitting. There is a trade off to make, looking good without creases when you stand, will result it the pants riding up high above the ankle when you sit. Strike a good balance between the fit and the length.

What to do:

  • The collar of your shirt is very important for sculpting your look. Avoid collars that are too wide. The best collar size will sit nicely within the jacket. With a collar that is shorter and not as wide, your head area will look smaller and will elongate the overall look. Go for the classic shirts rather than what is on trend to avoid any possible shirt fashion faux pas.
  • Opt for a slightly shorter jacket length. The traditional length of the jacket body in line with your thumb is long over. A shorter jacket length will make your legs look longer.
  • Your jacket should not be straight cut. It should have some slight tapering on the waist to inject more lines and energy into the look.
  • Choosing a consistent colour for the jacket and pants will generally make one look taller.
    If you want to go for a different colour jacket and pants look, the pants should not be of a colour that is too contrasting, but slightly darker than the jacket.
  • Choose accessories like a pocket-handkerchief or crevette etc with simple lines to shift the focus slightly away from the height, but not enough to cause distraction to the look.
  • The pants should be tapered more downwards, giving a visual effect of longer legs.
  • Shoes should be just slightly darker than the pants, and not too much darker like black. Go for the matt coloured shoes than shiny patent materials.

ssssShoes from Walking Tall (

  • Fret not, hidden heels or ‘elevator shoes’ are also available for men now. Companies like Walking Tall ( provide many options for men to get the extra boost looking natural. Totally invisible. Believe us, we’ve seen it many times, and if not for the need to fit men’s pants’ lengths, we wouldn’t have noticed anything!

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