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Must read La Belle Couture Groom’s Dressing Guide: 16 Tips on how to look good for bigger men

To complete the series, we decided to top it off with a feature on men who are on the heavier side of the scale. Many men who classify themselves in this category actually have similar concerns in dressing as their female counterparts. Brides to be, share with your grooms your usual tips in dressing for a slimmer silhouette. The basic fundamentals remain pretty universal.

Here are 15 Tips for heavier grooms to consider when picking their (wedding) suits!

Dressing objective: to select clothing that can give a defined shaped to your body outline.

The don’ts:

  • What works for skinny men, generally doesn’t work for heavier men. To avoid repeating the pointers, refer to our previous post on 10 Tips on how to look good even if you are the skinny/lanky type.
  • Avoid pale and lighter coloured suits as it generally widens the look of the body
  • Avoid wide lapels and keep the design as simple as possible
  • Avoid the combination of a white shirt and pale coloured kaclet
  • Avoid checked patterns, especially wide checked patterns on the jacket and pants
  • Avoid big buckles on the belt. Keep the belt design as simple as possible

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  • Avoid ill fitting or baggy cuts
  • Avoid shiny materials
  • If you have a protruding tummy, avoid a single button suit as it doesn’t cover well. Go for a two-button suit. Take your height into consideration if you should opt for more buttons

The dos:

  • Go for vertical stripes. Opt for darker fabrics with chalk-like stripes
  • If you will want to take on a different shade for your jacket and pants, be very careful of the colours you choose. You can choose vertical stripes for one of them, recommended for the jacket, and a solid colour for the pants. Avoid contrasting colours

  • If you wear glasses, wear spectacles with a slimmer frame. Use little props to make you look slimmer
  • Go for darker coloured shoes
  • Go for straight cut pants to conceal the shape of the legs
  • Shirt and tie: You can go for a striped inner shirt with a dark coloured tie. Go for an overall colour coordinated look across the tie, shirt, jacket and pants for an overall slimmer look
  • Take note of your underwear. Go for well-fitted underwear with slightly higher waist level when you are trying your pants.

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