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Not Sure What Asset To Flaunt On Your Big Day ? Here Are 3 Wedding Gown Features That You Can Work With!

Not Sure What Asset To Flaunt On Your Big Day ? Here Are 3 Wedding Gown Features that You Can Work With!

Blushing brides can look gorgeous by donning the most flattering wedding gown that suits them best. But what wedding gown features should you look out for exactly, if you wish to look sexy and confident in your outfit? It can be a tall order with all the available options these days, but it doesn’t have to be!  

We will show you how you can transform yourself into the dazzling centre-of-attention on your wedding day while captivating your partner in the process! Achieve your desired look by checking for these 3 design features in your wedding gown. Ready? Let’s begin!

Wedding Gown Features #1: Flaunt Your Upper Body With The Right Wedding Gown Neckline

Choosing the perfect wedding gown neckline can help brides accentuate their upper torso while having a slimming effect!

Have slender shoulders and smaller bust line? Then you can opt for boat neck wedding gown necklines. Following the natural curve of the neck, it ends seamlessly at the tip of shoulders. If you don’t want something that is too covered, then you can go for illusion details!

What about those who want to flaunt their bust line? Then V wedding gown necklines will be amazing! The thing is, the V neckline is great for everyone. Busty brides may consider a deeper V neckline for their wedding gown, while ladies with a smaller bust line should go for a design that isn’t too dramatic.

Want to have slimmer arms? Then the off shoulder wedding gown will be your best friend. With the panel of fabric covering a portion of your arms, you will be transformed into an icon of delicate beauty!

Of course, there are many other wedding gown necklines! But what’s more important is to know what you are most confident about. If you aren’t sure, you can speak to a bridal expert to identify your best assets!

Wedding Gown Features #2: Show Off The Smoothness Of Your Back With The Right Wedding Gown Backline

Choosing a flattering backline is guaranteed to add sensuality to your wedding gown.

Laced-up backs are elegant inventions from the time of vintage gown couture (that’s why most classic princess gowns feature this!). One thing to note though, is the fit of the wedding gowns. If badly altered, you will feel like it isn’t clinging onto your frame nicely. Of course, it is common for excited brides to shed a few pounds before the big day but even so, it is rare (and unhealthy!) to drop by a few dress sizes, so always be practical when selecting your gown!

The major benefit of laced up options is that they offer lots of coverage while presenting the illusion of a slimmer and shapelier figure as the laces effectively hold up the form of the bodice with a snug fit.

Open or plunging backs allow more comfort )bolder brides can flaunt their bodies while conserving their modesty. Plus, it subtly highlights your womanly curves!

Similarly, keyhole backlines offer you the freedom to display your flirty charm, bordered by intricate sequin and lace that adorn your back with a pretty touch.

Wedding Gown Features #3: Go Bold And Beautiful With Sheer Bodices

The sheer look is still very widely popular among brides! This is mainly because of how it bares without showing too much.

With a sheer bodice and the right details, it definitely brings the wedding gown design to a whole new level!

Due to how soft the bodice can be, a poorly fitted bodice will lead to uncomfortable shifts as you move during your wedding and photo shoots. Instead of enjoying your day, you might end up spending time adjusting your wedding gown (and praying that nothing obscene is shown…)

What’s so good about sheer bodices? By opting for them, not only will you feel at ease during your wedding day and photo shoots, you will leave your groom mesmerised by your sensual beauty, now isn’t that a win-win situation?

Not forgetting, the guests will be speechless at the amazing look of your outfit, allowing you to feel ultra-special on your wedding day!

And there you have it! Those were some suggestions on how you can dramatically enhance the appearance of your wedding gown to impress your partner. Which combination would you pick for your own wedding?  Leave us your thoughts!

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