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Off-the-Rack VS  Bespoke Wedding Gown Options

Off-the-Rack VS Bespoke Wedding Gown Options

Wedding gown options can be so overwhelming that some brides might consider them too much of a good thing. There are so many colours, designs, and patterns to choose from, and bridesmaids are always giving different opinions. The bridegroom is probably too busy picking the right tux for the big day. 


As a result, brides may find themselves spoilt for choice and entirely lost. Not to fret, that is where a dedicated bridal boutique-like La Belle Couture comes in. We can solve the problem by first examining the two primary choices in gown-selection – bespoke and off-the-rack designs.    

Benefits of off-the-rack Wedding Gown Options #1: Affordability

Off-the-rack gowns are what they suggest – wedding gowns that are ready-to-wear straight from the store. This convenience means no expensive customisations or alterations. But brides shouldn’t feel restricted by these standard selections. There are many breathtaking off-the-rack collections these days; one is bound to suit your style. 


La Belle Couture’s popular collections include flower-inspired Floraison wedding gowns and the royally charming Bloomingdale range


Brides of standard dress sizes will be able to find an off-the-rack design that will complement them easily. For brides concerned about proportion, read on, bespoke options may be your dream come true. 

Benefits of off-the-rack Wedding Gown Options #2: Convenience

Off-the-rack wedding gowns are a real life-saver if you’re in a hurry to get a spectacular bridal outfit. These designs cater to your big day or pre-wedding photography shoot without delay. There is no draggy issue of altering waistlines, fixing necklines, or adding sleeves. Simply test the ones that catch your eye, see that it fits, and you’re all set!

Benefits of Bespoke Wedding Gown Options #1: Freedom of Expression

The wedding gown is an extension of the bride’s style and personality. A bespoke wedding gown topples all barriers, enabling the bride to express herself to the fullest. The wedding day is a special occasion where the bride becomes who she wants to be – a star, a celebrity, a princess, or a queen. 


Off-the-rack wedding gowns don’t enable brides to mix and match the elements they want. Such arrangements lead to frustrating scenarios where a single dress might not feature all of the desired design elements.   


Sequins, lace, plunging necklines, attached hoods, every feature will is aligned according to the wishes of the special bride. Bespoke wedding gowns are there to help you create the ideal style in your mind. 

Benefits of Bespoke Wedding Gown Options #2: Sentimentality 

Bespoke wedding gowns fit like a glove. Brides may prefer to keep them (rather than rent them) as a memento of the grand occasion. Brides may even consider passing down the gown to their daughters or donning the outfit to renew vows in significant anniversaries. 

It might seem like a small price to pay for an invaluable piece of personal history.  

Benefits of Bespoke Wedding Gown Options #3: Flexibility


The flexibility in bespoke designs means that it is suitable for any bride,  especially for brides who are taller or shorter than the average stature, or with specific body proportions (i.e., broad shoulders and a small waist). Gown-testing should be an international sport, especially after your 10th try-on. Made-to-measure solutions are the best way to go, which ensures a perfect fit every time. 




Ultimately, brides need to weigh cost and customisability against convenience and practicality. Wedding gowns are symbolic in a wedding, and the perfect design will undoubtedly optimise the matrimonial experience – so choose wisely! 


We hope we have helped you in narrowing down on your preferred wedding gown options. If you have further questions or uncertainties regarding the preferred method, please speak with one of our dedicated bridal experts. The La Belle team will be more than delighted to help you find that elusive wedding gown of your dreams – or create it, especially for you!

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