Frequently Asked Questions By Clients


What are the modes of payments accepted?

We accept Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Nets & Credit Cards (Visa and Master only), as well as Bridestory Pay.

What is the payment like?

A 50% deposit is required at the time of confirmation for all services. The remaining balance will be due prior to your wedding, keeping in mind that the due date will differ depending on the type of services you signed up for.  Kindly note that however, in the event of late payment or non payment of the remaining balance on the agreed due date, La Belle Couture Weddings shall be entitled to not provide any further services/ materials or part of the services of the agreement, and to terminate the agreement with any further obligations to the customer while retaining any monies already paid, until such payment has been made.

If I don't have a confirmed wedding date now, can I still confirm your services now?

Yes, of course! We allow a 3 year open date period from the date you sign up for our services. By confirming early, you get to enjoy current prices and not worry about price inflation.

Are there additional charges that I should take note of?

The following items/ services are at additional charges if required:

1. Artificial Eyelash – $20

2. Ampoule – $30

3. Change of makeup and hair for 2nd march in: $200 (subject to MUA availibility)

  1. Wedding day and night makeup service split day charge: $150
  2. Before 7 am early hours or late hour fees after 11pm for –
    Makeup artist: $50/hr
    Photographer: $100/hr
    Videographer: $150/ hr
  3. Actual day photography & videography split day charge: $300

Please also note that a refundable deposit of $300 (local use) and $500 (overseas use) is required for each wedding gown/ dress upon collection, which will be fully refunded when the item is returned in it’s original condition.

Are your prices inclusive of GST?

Our prices are net prices.

Why is deposit required when I will only require your services much later?

Upon the payment of the deposit, we will be able to then secure your preferred makeup artists, photographer and/or videographer before they are booked by another bride. Furthermore, in contrary to most beliefs, the provisions of services usually starts immediately upon confirmation of our services, as a Bridal Specialist will be assigned to you who will then be in touch to arrange a get to know each other session and at the same time to bring you through the service process flow of what you can expect along the way.


Am I able to downgrade/upgrade my package after I confirm?

Yes, you are welcomed to upgrade your package at any point if deemed necessary. Unfortunately, we do not allow downgrades of packages once you have confirmed and agreed upon.


What is the difference of a Off-the-Rack and Made to Measure wedding gown?

An off the rack wedding gown means they are readily available. These are specially curated designs that are designed and made in house. Although each dress is only available in 1 size,  we usually will be able to alter the wedding gown to fit your body like a glove. If you choose this option, you will be able to choose from our large selection of over 500 Signature and Simplicity Wedding gowns from both past and current collections, all housed in store.

A Made to Measure wedding gown refers to a bespoke gown that is custom designed and tailored to your requirements. You will enjoy a one to one personalized experience with our designer to go through every detail of the gown that you envision, from the cut, fabric selection, to the beading and crystals, resulting in a unique, one of a kind wedding gown.

What is an outdoor range gown and actual day range gown?

Actual day gowns mainly consists of our latest Signature Couture collections where brides will choose from to wear on their wedding day. Outdoor range gowns are the older Signature Couture collections which used to be from our actual day ranges and are now used specifically for outdoor shoots where reasonable wear and tear is expected.

What are the types of wedding gowns offered in your shop?

We offer a wide range of wedding gowns from traditional lush gowns, flowy and lightweight dresses to dramatic silhouettes. At La Belle Couture, we endeavor to create the perfect couture wedding gown for every bride with her unique personality, style, body shape and size. There are currently 2 carefully curated assortments of wedding gowns available in store – Our Signature Couture Gowns Collection and Simplicity Wedding Dress collection, both full of lace and tulle, delicate applique and beadwork. Led by our in house designers who have more than 10 years in designing couture gowns, every inch of each wedding gown and dress is designed with meticulous care and hand crafted using quality textiles and fine fabrics.

Can I try on some of your gowns before deciding to sign up with you?

Of course! Most brides try on 2-3 gowns during their first visit as nothing beats having to put on a wedding gown and have a better feel of the cut and our style.

Am I restricted to a certain range of gowns for the bridal package that I am holding?

No, absolutely not! La Belle Couture offers different variations of bridal packages that offers rental of 1 or 2 wedding dresses from either the Signature Couture Gown Collection or Simplicity Gown Collection, or both. Within each collection, you will be able to choose from the entire range of gowns, including upcoming collections.

How often do new collections launch?

Typically, there will be 2 – 3 new launches each year, thus brides can expect our dresses to be constantly refreshed. For first words of new launches, follow our facebook (https://www.facebook.com/labellecouturebridal) or instagram (https://www.instagram.com/labelle_couture/)

Do you have any gowns that will suit a plus size bride?

Yes, we do! After all, every bride, even if you are plus size, deserve to look and feel their best on their once in a lifetime occasion! While the selection will not be as extensive as the regular sized dresses, there are dresses made for curvier brides. The range availability will largely depend on the size required.

Do you carry colored evening gowns?

Yes, we do! Currently only our Signature Couture Gowns Collections carries evening colored gowns on top of the traditional whites. Our Simplicity Dress Collection mainly carries pieces that are white, off white, blush pink and nudes.

What is the difference between your Signature Couture Gowns collection and Simplicity Gowns collection?

As the name suggests, our Simplicity Wedding Dress Collection are basically the simplified version of our Signature Couture Gowns, where they are mostly trainless and more light weight, thus easier to move around in. They are more suited for more intimate or outdoor weddings, and perfect for an outdoor pre-wedding photoshoot. On the other hand, our Signature Couture gown collections mainly features pieces that have gorgeous long trains, has more intricate design details and appears more luxurious for that grand wedding entrance that you’ve always dreamed of.

Help! There are too many selections and I am confused and I don't know which one to choose!

Fret not! This is why we are here for! Our trained and professional bridal consultants will take you through the selection process through a careful recommendation process based on your preferences and what flatters your body the best. You can also request for a copy of La Belle Couture’s gown selection guide to get a better understanding of gowns, the cut and the materials.

Is size alteration and dry cleaning provided?

Yes, size alteration and dry cleaning are provided with the rental of wedding gowns & dresses.

How long does it take to receive a Made To Measure Wedding Gown/ Dress?

Please allow 3 – 4 months for the design and production before finally receiving your custom garment, although it will differ depending on the complexity of the design and availability of the materials. Simpler dresses could be made on an expedited schedule.

Do you provide bridal accessories?

Yes, we provide complimentary rental of accessories such as veil, petticoat (cancan), Hair accessories, as well as wedding jewelry along with the rental of each wedding gown or dress.

When do I collect my gown?

Collection of gown will take place 2-3 days before your wedding after the final fitting session where the final alteration would have been done.

Can I extend the rental period?

Additional charges of $300 per 7 days will apply for extension of rental period of each gown/ dress.

How long is the rental period for your wedding gown and dress?

The rental period is 7 days, inclusive of the day of collection and return.

Note: It is recommended for you to return the outfits on the day immediately after your wedding. This is because some stains may have aged if not treated as soon as possible, leading to the damage of the gown material., which may incur charges. Please do not treat stains on your own and allow us to handle it with professional tools.

Am I able to bring my wedding gown/ dress out of Singapore as I will be holding my reception or having a photoshoot overseas?

Yes, we allow for you to bring the wedding gown/ dress for overseas use.

How long do you need for size alteration?

Depending on the design of the gown or dress and the amount of alteration required, it can take up to 14 days.


What is the difference between a Suit and tuxedo?

Tuxedos have more distinctively designed lapels, usually made of another material like satin, unlike the rest of the jacket and pants.

I realized that you have very little information on men's suits on your website. What are the collections available?

We mainly categorise our men’s suits to 2 different categories – Formal and Modern. We usually recommend the modern suits that are less formal for the couple’s Pre-Wedding photo shoots or for grooms who prefer a more casual look in the morning for their ceremonies. The formal suits or tuxedos will be more suitable for the dinner reception. Within each category, there are various cuts, material as well as colors available, with over 100 selections.

Do you provide accessories?

For grooms, we provide complimentary rental of bow tie, crevette, cummberand and tie with the rental of each suit or tuxedo.

How long is the rental period for your men suit and tuxedo?

The rental period is 7 days, inclusive of the day of collection and return.

Can I extend the rental period?

Additional charges of $150 per 7 days will apply for extension of rental period of each suit/ tuxedo.

When do I collect my suit/ tuxedo?

Collection of suit/ tuxedo will take place 2-3 days before your wedding after the final fitting session where the final alteration would have been done.

Am I able to bring the suit/ tuxedo oversea for my wedding or photoshoot?

Yes, we allow you to bring the wedding gown/ dress for overseas use.

How long does it take to receive a Made To Measure Men Suit/ Tuxedo?

Please allow 3 weeks for a custom men suit/ tuxedo. An additional week will be required if personalised fitting of the mock up is required.


Where is your indoor photography studio located?

73 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub 1 #09-57, s408733

Are we restricted to the number of backdrops that we can choose for our Pre-wedding photo shoot?

No, you are not! Couples who are having their Pre-Wedding photo shoot have no limit to the usage of backdrops (concept themes) and props that are available in our studio, as long as the photo shoot time falls within the stipulated time frame.

Could I do get to meet the photographer before the pre-wedding shoot?

Yes, of course! You will be able to benefit from our photographers providing some suggestions on the outfits, locations, and route planning for your shoot during this consultation, although ultimately, you will decide the locations that you want to go as it greatly depends on the style that best represent you on a personal level. It will be ideal to plan earlier, to allow for time for permits or venue applications if applicable.

What is the difference between a color edited photo and an aesthetically enchanced photo?

A color edited photo refers to a photo that has been color corrected and has been adjusted or modified to achieve the desired mood, look and feel of the photo. The photo will also have been enhanced to improve the image quality.  On the other hand, an aesthetically enhanced photo would have professional retouching done, which includes removing of unwanted distractions in the photo, thinning out the arms and legs, or deleting blemishes on the skin. It basically eliminates all the imperfections from the image.

What happens if I am unhappy with the photos?

A continuous feedback process that eliminates guesswork will ensure that the chances of that happening are minimal. Before the shoot, please do some homework and share with us the styles that you like via pictures, on top of verbal descriptions. During the shoot, communicate with the photographer every step of the way to ensure that expectations are fully put across, and not wait till the end when the shoot is over.

How long before my wedding should I have the pre-wedding shoot?

We recommend your Pre-Wedding photo shoot to take place 4-6 months before your wedding, in order to allow ample time for the editing, album conceptualisation as well as printing of the album and frames where applicable.

What is an unedited photo?

An unedited photo means there will be no color editing and aesthetically enhancing done. However rest assured that the photo will still go through a process where different techniques are involved to improve the quality of photo to give the best output visually.

What are the types of albums available?

We offer premium flush mount album and coffee table album in different sizes. Additionally, there are various paper material such as pvc, fine art paper, artisan paper etc as well as album cover material such as leather, fabric, canvas etc for you to choose from.

Is transportation provided for my pre-wedding photo shoot?

No, transportation is not provided for your Pre-Wedding photo shoot, however we will be happy to arrange for you at $30/hr. Should you be driving, our photographer will be travelling in your vehicle.

Are props for e.g balloons and flowers, provided for by you for the photo shoot?

You will be entitled to use all the props available in our studio for the photoshoot, which includes flowers, books, chalk board, etc, that may be changed from time to time. However, balloons, being a perishable item, will have to be ordered by the couple prior to the shoot.

Can I request for my makeup artist to follow through the photo shoot?

Yes, you can! An additional charge will apply.


How long is the break time?

Please allow a minimum of 15 minutes every 4 hours for the photographer/ videographer to take a break. However, you are to consult with the photographer/ videographer to structure the date so that the breaks will not conflict with any key events on the wedding day.

Do I have to provide food for the photographer/ videographer at the wedding reception?

No, it is not mandatory.

Am I expected to provide transportation for the photographer/ videographer in between locations?

Yes. He/she can travel with you in your vehicle or in either of your accompanying cars.

What happens if my wedding day falls over a period of 2 days?

A split day charge of $300 will apply, as the photographer will have to reserve 2 days for the wedding. The total number of hours of service will still remain at a total of 10 hours.

How long and how many photos will I expect to receive after the wedding?

You will expect to receive a minimum of 150 photos for our Petit Actual Day Photography Package and a minimum of 400 photos for our Full Works Actual Day Photography Package. Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for the deliverables to be given to you, which will be shared with you via google drive.

Do you provide prints?

You may order prints of various sizes. Please check with us on the prices.

What is the difference between a same day edit express highlight and a wedding day full highlight for your actual day videography package?

A same day edit express highlights refers to a music video summary of your morning events and exclusive of the banquet. It is usually edited immediately after the morning events for it to be showcased in time during the banquet. The length of video is usually between 4 – 6 minutes. A wedding day full highlight is an extended version of the express  highlights that includes shots from the banquet, delivered after the wedding day. The length of the video is approximately 6 – 8 minutes.

Why is there an additional charge of $300 for your actual day videography package if I am having a wedding lunch?

The additional charge is for us to arrange for an additional editor/ videographer on site to make sure that the key events of your wedding continues to be filmed while editing for the express highlight is taking place during the very short interval between your morning events and the lunch banquet.

How long will I expect to receive the wedding day full highlight video after my wedding?

Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for the edited video to be shared with you via google drive.

Do you have any questions that are not in the above? Simply email or call

us at 6327 3983 to get your questions answered!