By Laurenzo Overee


We say this a lot because it’s true – brides come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. And that’s amazing because it represents the unique beauty of each individual that deserves celebration. Yet, as a bride, you might have the habit of setting stressful benchmarks based on glossy bridal magazine ads or heavily edited online videos.

But that’s precisely what they are – a fabrication of reality. Those aren’t real brides depicted, but professional models who go through strict regimes to look a certain way. And let’s not forget the magic of airbrushing and post-photography.

The generalised misconception of bridal beauty prompted the team at La Belle to come up with an inclusive bridal collection. It’s more than a collection, if we are entirely honest. In fact, it’s a passion project that makes wedding gown selection fun and memorable for everyone.

Why Choose La Belle’s Inclusive Bridal Collection Reason #1 – The Freedom in Customisation – We Mean It!

If you are a bride-to-be who has done her research, you’ll realise how the power of customisation enhances wedding gown testing. Yet, many boutiques don’t offer the option of customisation or do so at a hefty price tag. Wedding gowns should fit your natural figure nicely, and standard dress options may not achieve that.

At La Belle, we embrace the uniqueness of brides – it’s part of our dedication toward creating perfect wedding experiences. That’s why for our inclusive bridal collection, we encourage you to engage in a style and fit consultation (more on that in a bit).

With the session, our bridal experts will guide you through each stage of the gown selection process to discover the most flattering design. Our inclusive bridal collection serves as an extension of that promise, with a broader selection of sizes available.


Why Choose La Belle’s Inclusive Bridal Collection Reason #2 – Don’t Worry About the Fit


Our inclusive bridal collection focuses on matching brides with the wedding gown of their dreams to create breathtaking results. Illusion neckline, delicate french lace hemlines, elegant appliques, or bold silhouettes – make your choice and cast aside the fear of a poor fit.

We want you to enjoy every second of bridal gown testing and forget about all insecurities that may rear their ugly head. Our inclusive collection saves you the trouble of leapfrogging between boutiques. La Belle is the last place you need to visit for your picture-perfect bridal ensemble.


Why Choose La Belle’s Inclusive Bridal Collection Reason #3 – We Offer More Than Perfect Dresses


If you have checked out La Belle’s past works, you’ll know that we provide more than the prettiest gowns in town. Selecting delightful dresses from our inclusive collection serves merely as the first step in a deeply fulfilling experience.

We will help you navigate through customisable wedding packages (why go ahead with the parts that don’t shout you?). From makeup selection to wedding photography and venue considerations, the La Belle team got you covered.




As we alluded to earlier, there’s a special limited-time complimentary session for our Style and Fit consultations (worth $59). Now’s a great time to check out La Belle’s inclusive collection and find the perfect design you want without self-doubt or guesswork.


Contact us or reach out to the La Belle team via social media to arrange for an unforgettable photoshoot!


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