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We are a league of ordinary yet professional folks who are dedicated to the art of creating extraordinary wedding experiences. Comprising the most commited individuals with extensive experience in the wedding industry, our team is driven to ensure that your wedding journey will be as smooth as possible.

You can expect nothing less, always more.

6 Fun Facts
Founder and Managing Director of La Belle Couture Weddings

1. Since young, she has always wanted to be air stewardess but height got in the way.

2. So the next best dream is to be a career woman who represents power and intellect

3. She has an insatiable appetite for knowledge and is always on audio books while on the go.

4. She is a true advocate of personal development and will not hesitate to send the team for courses.

5. She can't cook to save her life.

6. Her weaknesses are tech gadgets.

The Entrepreneur

6 Fun Facts
Founder and Managing Director of Rosette Designs & Co

1. She has refined sensitivity towards beautiful things & is named as one of SG's top 10 wedding stylist.

2. Her profound love for weddings started after she planned for her own wedding.

3. Her brain is churning out new ideas all the time.

4. She has a habit of leaving her things around the office, including her Beats earphones.

5. She doesn't like eating, but she will never say no to a soya bean milk or sugarcane drink.

6. She's learning Chinese. Oh, did we mention that she is an Indonesian?

The Aesthete

6 Fun Facts
Ling Zhee
Assistant General Manager

1. She is great at connecting the dots, no matter how far they are from each other.

2. She is sharp as a tack.

3. She may appear cold, but in reality, she really likes to chat with people.

4. Her favourite conversation topic is on financial planning (to the disdain of some of the team members. uh).

5. She once abstained from soya sauce for 3 months after the birth of her child. Crazy or crazy?

6. Her shoe size is uk 3?!!

The Analyst

6 Fun Facts
Senior Bridal Specialist

1. She is super neat and has absolutely zero tolerance for clutter anywhere in the office.

2. Detailed by nature, she liket to keep notes of the the nitties gritties concerning her brides.

3. She likes to nag at us....(but it is for our own good!.)

4. She tends to act coquettishly when she needs a favor (much to our disdain).

5. If durian and bakkwa came in the form of human, she would be the first to marry them.

6. She has a very loud and recognisable laughter, which you can hear from miles away.

The Systematic

6 Fun Facts
Operations Manager

1. She likes to plan everything, literally everything.

2. She has a great sense of responsbility and won't run from any issues.

3. Her organisation skills are top notch.

4. She appears quiet and soft spoken....until you get to know her personally.

5. She has a bottomless appetite. Throw her at a buffet and she will be the last one standing!

6. Her weakness? Anything Matcha-flavoured and Moscato!

The Planner

6 Fun Facts
Wedding Co-ordinator

1. Brides love being around her because she makes wedding planning so enjoyable.

2. She is super bubbly and has a signature laughter that sounds like a broken record.

3. She enjoys travelling and spending time with loved ones.

4. She is slightly obssessed about trying to lose weight.

5. She is a certified dance trainer, and can do splits at ease.

6. She is a big fan of KOI (green milk tea, 0% sugar, with golden bubble)

The Joymaker

6 Fun Facts
Hui Shi
Digital Marketing Executive

1. She has strong beliefs and values and loves to contribute to the society

2. Her outlook on the future is always optimistic.

3. She's naturally a jolly person and won't let anything spoil her day.

4. She thinks the digital world is fascinating, that's why she loves what she's doing.

5. She likes to write, but her secret talent is actually drawing.

6. She loves to snack on anything and everything.

The Idealist

6 Fun Facts
Couture Gown Designer

1. He may look like a cuddly bear, until you step on his toes.

2. He is always up for trying new things, resulting in unique and bold designs.

3. His tremendous creativity always paves way for ideas that are out of the box.

4. He has been declared as the male version of a fashion icon of Tanjong Pagar. Yes, he even owns a pair of hot pink pants.

5. You can definitely count on him to recommend the best places when it comes to good food.

6. He believes the greatest invention is his electric scooter.

The Adventurer

6 Fun Facts
Bridal Advisor

1. She's a lady poised with class and elegance and we call her Tai Tai.

2. She's naturally social, and can easily strike up a conversation.

3. She looks very much younger than her age, much to the envy of many.

4. Her undying passion for weddings makes her the most experienced among us all, so don't play play.

5. She has very sharp instincts... almost like a psychic.

6. She has 3 pet dogs that she loves so dearly and she likes cooking for them!

The Socialite

6 Fun Facts
Design & Photo Specialist

1. He has a nimble mind that can create creative solutions.

2. Not just a great listener, he is also extremely patient.

3. He's a little bit of a daydreamer.

4. He loves to lend a helping hand especially if it's a girl asking for help.

5. He likes to take photos at his free time, mostly of his gorgeous wife. (Check his work out at @rayden_s_pictures).

6. The smell of garlic makes him gag.

The Innovator

6 Fun Facts
Marketing Manager

1. She's naturally meticulous and can strategise a plan within a short time.

2. She's a perfectionist, and her dedication towards getting the best results is truly one of a kind. Or not.

3. Despite her demure display, she secretly has her wacky moments that she reveals to a handful of people.

4. Her greatest fear are geckos, so you'll know why when you hear a screech coming from the office.

5. She loves to belt out to her favorite tunes while working.

6. She may have a slight obsession for clothes shopping online. But her real love are in her two boys. Awwwww.

The Thinker

6 Fun Facts
Bridal Specialist

1. She is easy going and extremely patient.

2. She will come to work even on her off days just to ensure that her her work is done properly for her brides!

3. Brides adore her! We wonder why...

4. She is stronger than most men in the office.

5. One foolproof way to win her heart is a good cup of coffee!

6. Her secret dream job is a coffee barista.

The Saint

6 Fun Facts
Wedding Photographer

1. Like a paparazzi, he make sures that his couples don't sense his presence when he's taking photos.

2. He is perfectly capable of capturing natural and genuine photos, that captures every micro expressions on the couple's faces.

3. His adaptibility, giving and amiable nature makes people feel very comfortable with him.

4. He likes to crack jokes every now and then. (Although to our dismay, we find it hard to understand at times.)

5. He can be as flexible as a gymnast, just to get that perfect shot.

6. A family man by nature, he is a proud dad of four children!

The Paparazzi

6 Fun Facts

1. She's the fairy godmother of all brides.

2. Her magical powers lies in her nimble fingers that helps brides fix their wedding gown to make sure they look their best!

3. She spends most of her time in the office with her trust sewing machine.

4. She's a classic introvert and hates to be under the limelight.

5. She's an iron chef and can easily whip up a good meal.

6. She is very kind but doesn't like it when her kindness is taken for granted.

The Fairy Godmother

6 Fun Facts
Wedding Photographer

1. He is a man of few words, because he would rather let his pictures do the talking.

2. Although he is very tall and big, but he is one of the gentlest beings you will ever meet

3. He has an assuring charisma that will allow couples to feel relaxed.

4. He always have a clear vision in mind which he will replicate that in his photos.

5. His favourite wedding photography style involves scenic spots and colours of nature

6. His favourite snack? Sour plums and peanuts!

The Visionaire

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