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Outbreak Alert: Preparing For A Safe Wedding Day

Outbreak Alert: Preparing for a Safe Wedding Day

A safe wedding day is a priority now more than ever. 

Doubtlessly, COVID-19 has been on everyone’s mind in one way or another through recent times. Each day, thousands of lives (and counting) are being affected by the outbreak. We at La Belle Couture implore that our brides and families stay safe during these trying times. 

The usual practices apply – avoid large crowds where possible, and seek professional medical treatment if you’re feeling unwell. But what about wedding plans? That is a huge question that looms menacingly over many brides.  In this edition of our blog, we’ll see how we can work around the situation to keep your big day magical. 


Tips for a Safe Wedding Day #1: Shore up on Vitamin C

While we have heard countless antics about panicky citizens storing up on toiletries and cleaning supplies – the truly precious resources are vitamins – in our bodies. Ultimately, a strong immune system will increase your chances of fending off any virus. 


So, while preparing for your big day, binge on fruits and enjoy some lemonade. They contain high levels of vitamin C that are proven to be effective against lung infections among other benefits. Guava is a top choice – the tropical delight packs more vitamin C than citrus fruits! 


Additionally, a high level of vitamin C will keep your skin supple and provide you with a healthy glow. You’ll look stunning in your wedding gown!


Tips for a Safe Wedding Day #2: Minimise Contact

We understand that weddings are a time that loved ones offer their wishes and blessings. This is usually expressed with handshakes and gifts (red packets). But if you’re choosing to go ahead with your wedding during the outbreak season – it’s best to limit contact. 


Some precautions to consider include:


  • Setting up a collection station at the reception for red packets instead of receiving them in person. This is already a common wedding practice. 
  • Avoid handshakes or hugs. A friendly bow is a nice alternative gesture of goodwill. 
  • Opting for an outdoor wedding. Some health experts believe that infections are less likely to spread in open-air environments. 
  • Trimming guest invitations. This should be done tactfully – limit to family and your closest friends. 

Tips for a Safe Wedding Day #3: Bridal Masks

Wedding gown, checked. Hair and make-up, checked, wedding masks – che… wait what?


Yes, we’re serious. A mask might be a fresh and statement-making add-on to your wedding outfit. After all, the Japanese have donned masks as a style staple for decades. Masks are nothing mindblowing in the fashion world and they offer improved protection. 


If you abhor the look of the standard surgical masks, don’t fret. There are many stylish yet effective mask designs in the market. You might even find one that complements the patterns of your wedding gown!


Besides, you always have the choice of removing the masks (while holding your breath?) during wedding photography. A masked walk down the aisle could be a cool and unique experience!


Tips for a Safe Wedding Day #4: Postpone the Event

If you’re still unconvinced that it’s the right time to have your wedding – consider postponing it. 


Health is a priority above all else. 


Brides should be extremely confident and elated during their big day – don’t settle for anything less. Never rush through your grand affair just to tick it off your to-do-list. Your guests should totally understand if you’ve decided to delay the big day due to the breakout. 


Even Princess Beatrice has scaled back her royal wedding. We’re sure our brides will be able to make some special arrangements too!




Labelle is also keeping the boutique safe with our daily sanitising routine! And we would like to share our daily routine to keep everyone a peace of mind. 

La Belle Couture wishes good health to our brides and their family during this period. Stay positive and optimistic, we believe that things will get better sooner rather than later. As author Paulo Coelho once said, “life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant.”



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