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Overview Guide On Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress

Overview Guide on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress

Wedding dress

Here comes the bride…


Based on the feedback from our workshop, we understand that brides and grooms alike want to find out ways on shortening the gown selection process.

To start, here’s an overview guide on choosing the perfect wedding dress.

1. Envision your wedding
When you’re not busy researching on wedding ideas, how do you envision your wedding to be? Clear your head off your resources and really foresee your wedding from your heart.

2. Set your budget
The most important step before you start researching on your wedding needs is to plan your budget. Yes a wedding is a once in a lifetime event, however you would not want to have to overspend on things that you shouldn’t have to. After all, you have the life after to worry about.

3. Research
As we shared during our workshop, consider setting up a pinterest account. Pinterest allows you to find ideas and pin them into various boards for future reference. Save pictures of your preferred gown silhouettes/styles and bring them down to the boutiques as well.

4. Choosing the right silhouette for your body shape
We understand that some brides go all out to search for various wedding gown designs. By understanding your own body shape, you would be able to have a better idea on the types of gown silhouettes that would best suit you.

5. Choosing the right style for your personality
Pick one that describes you best: fairytale princess, classic beauty, romantic, traditional, bohemian free-spirit, glitzy glamourous, high fashion chic? Once you define your personality, you’d be able to pick a dress that best suits yourself.


Some other factors to consider while choosing your wedding dress:

– Don’t forget your groom!

Is he tall and lanky or stout and chubby? Keep in mind that you are getting married as a couple and not by yourself. Thus consider how your wedding dress will look beside your man. For instance, you wouldn’t want to drown him with a huge ballgown. Always think of how the both of you would look like together.

– Keep an open mind

Sometimes consultants would ask you to try on dresses that may not appear to be of your liking when you view it on the hanger, but be open-minded because you might be surprised at the way it looks on you! Trust your consultants’ expertise. That being said, never be talked into purchasing a gown you’re not in love with. Even if everyone says that it looks amazing, the most important person to ask is yourself. If you have to second guess it, it’s probably not ‘the one’.

– Do ask lots of questions while trying on wedding dresses

Opinions are important, however always ask yourself to make sure that the dress you love not only looks amazing, but also works for your wedding activities of the day. If the dress answers ‘yes’ to all of your questions, it’s pretty much the perfect one for you.

– Don’t pick a wedding dress just because it’s trendy now

Wedding dresses are meant to stand the test of time. And trendy gowns might not be it – flip through your parents’ wedding album for evidence of that! Have no regrets. Pick something that you love and feel the most comfortable in.

– Don’t try on too many wedding gowns

Trying on too many wedding gowns often results in an overload. Give yourself options, but not that many that you decide to try 20 over dresses. As the saying goes, too much of anything is never good. Tip: choose a boutique that offers an array of choices.

– Focus on how the dress feels – not on your perceived physical flaws

Instead of focusing on your own flaws, notice the dress itself. Think about how it makes you feel. If it makes you feel spectacular, it’s probably ‘the one’.

– Remember: it’s just a dress

Yes, it’s THE dress, but your wedding dress is also just one part of the whole shenanigan. Always remember the point of the whole marriage – to celebrate your love. Without it, you most likely wouldn’t even have a need for the dress.


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