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Overview Guide On Pre-Wedding Photography

Overview Guide on Pre-Wedding Photography


Years from now, you’ll look back at your wedding albums and reminisce on how much fun you both had during your pre-wedding photo shoot. They always say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And you’d find yourself smiling because you would feel your love screaming through the pages.

Before you decide on the locations for your pre-wedding photo shoot, ask yourselves some questions…

– What is your personality?

– What is your usual dress style?

– Pick a theme. Examples: Romantic, Fairytale, High Fashion, Vintage etc.


As unique as you want your photo shoot to be, you’d also want it to represent the both of you. Years down when you look back, you would want to reminisce with a smile instead of a question mark asking yourselves why you even decided on those places/themes.


1. What to wear and number of outfits

Coordinating colour palette

Be sure that both outfits compliment each other. Use your favourite colours in accents and details for a touch of sophistication. Remember, sometimes less is more.

Photo 2


2. Try different outfits

Try on different colours as well. Know your skin tone well, and find out the colours that compliments you. Colours can either make you look dull or bright, so try on different outfits and you might just glow.

Photo 3


3. What and how to prepare prior to the shoot

Planning your itinerary

Tip: save the best for last. Some couples might want to shoot at their favourite location first in case of bad weather. Do consider that it takes time for couples to loosen up in front of the camera, so consider saving some of your best locations for last.

4. DO’s

  • Discuss wet weather plans
  • Ensure that you bring required personal clothing/innerwear that is not provided
  • Remove unwanted hair
  • Get enough sleep because good sleep gives you better skin and mood for the shoot
  • Pack in advance to avoid additional stress and missing out important things.
  • Get your nails done to be pretty and presentable
  • Go to the venue earlier without any skincare on because the make-up artist usually applies ampoule on the skin to ensure that the make-up would last the humidity.
  • Wear a button up shirt so as not to disturb the make-up and hair once you change into your gown.


5. DON’Ts

  • Do not do anything funny to your face three days before the shoot! For instance, don’t try a new facial product/service or even scrub your face which might result in redness.
  • Do not try a new hairstyle or colour that you are unsure of. Be safe!
  • Do not use hair conditioner/mask one day before the photo shoot unless you opt for no hairstyling. Reason being, hair conditioner/mask might make your hairstyle fall off. Plus it is always easier to style a day old’s hair.
  • Do not drink/party the night before
  • Do not skip your breakfast/lunch. If you are having an afternoon/evening session, have something light beforehand. Remember that it takes a lot of energy to do a photo shoot and you certainly don’t want to run out of steam before the session is over.
  • Do not wear black/dark coloured underwear. Wear a nude colour to be safest. Brides: it is advised not to wear a watch and/or glasses, however ultimately it’s still up to personal preference.
  • Do not be late for your studio shoot!
  • Do not get involved in extreme spots that might result in any external visible injury at least one month in advance.


6. How to pose naturally

Think about your love, loosen up and have fun

It is normal for couples to feel anxious before having their photos taken, particularly when they have to pose. The main tip to conquer your anxiety is really just to focus on your love for each other. Take a few moments to show affection, play around and take a few deep breaths. (Fret not, your photograph would know to capture the moment.) Your love and relaxation will show through loud and clear in your photos, and you just might find that the best picture is a candid one of the both of you!

Experiment with different poses

More often than not, we tend to make the same face in every photo once we know that we look good from a certain angle. However, variety is the spice of life and definitely the foundation of good photography! So be adventurous and try different poses for the best chance at getting a photo you love; You might just be surprised! And if you’re not quite sure how to position yourselves, don’t be shy about asking your photographer for a little direction.

Photo 4Photo 5

7. What to bring

Pack light for the photo shoot. There are a few emergency items you might want to leave in the car. For example, an extra pair of shoes/slippers, drinks and snacks, an additional set of clothing etc. Do pack some face towels or wet wipes if you think you might sweat a lot.

Ladies: Bring a backup silicon bra as sweat can reduce stickiness. Also, slippers/flats if you will be walking a lot for your photo shoot.

Gentlemen: Don’t forget your outfit accessories!


8. Practice and smile for the camera (naturally)

Some people are great at smiling naturally for the camera, others not as much. If you’re the latter, take some time and practice those smiles in front of the mirror. Experiment with what looks best for you! The other thing if to have fun kissing. A suggestion would be to record a video or take some photos of you both kissing to see how it looks like.


9. Choosing the right makeup: What kind of bride are you?

Are you a free spirit, tradionalist, vintage lover or queen of quirk? Your makeup can either boost your personality or give you a different one, depending on the look you’re going at. So be sure of what looks good and what doesn’t.


Now that we’ve got that settled, here’s 4 questions to ask to craft a unique photo shoot just for you:

– How did you get to know each other?

– When did you start to feel that special ‘thing’? When did you realise you found ‘THE ONE’?

– How was your dating process like? What are your memorable moments?

– How was the proposal like?


Ultimately, the best part of pre-wedding photo shoots are just to have fun! So go out there, have fun while recreating your love moments together and remember, the sky is your only limit.

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