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Pack 5 Must-Have Items Before Your Photo-shoot Turns Into A Nightmare!

Pack 5 Must-Have Items Before Your Photo-shoot Turns Into A Nightmare!

A pre-wedding photo shoot is almost in every Singaporean couple’s must-do list! After all, you want to capture the best memories and let your guests be envious (especially when they can’t believe that the photos are taken in Singapore!)

However, a photo-shoot isn’t all about posing strategically under the sunlight, being and feeling good-looking, smiling radiantly at your partner (and random items), and or even hiring the most experienced photographer! It is extremely crucial to have a comfortable photo-shoot, especially for those who die die must do it outdoors!

Thus, the very first thing you should do is to always pack in advance! Based on experience and expertise, here’s 5 items you MUST pack to have a pre-wedding photography that has lesser hiccups!

#1: Face Towels and Wet Wipes

You and I are well aware of the intense humidity and heat in Singapore can be unbearable. Imagine the never-ending beads of perspiration gliding down your back as you and your partner attempt a few poses! On top of that, your skin becomes extremely clammy under the relentless temperatures! Yucks!

Any movement will only cause discomfort and you might not even feel all that great during your outdoor shoot! What’s more, you might want to explore different poses when you are at outdoors! You might even want to lie down on the green pastures at Hort Park or dance on the sand at Sentosa to capture that dreamy shot…

Of course, once you are done with that, you will definitely find yourself being decorated like a Christmas tree!

….except, instead of fairy lights, ornamental bulbs and an adorable tree topper, you have random twigs, bits of dead leaves, squashed flower petals, sand and even soil as your little decorations! Hmmm.


Credit: Pinterest

That’s why how facial towels and wet wipes come to your rescue. They are very useful in wiping off excess perspiration and clamminess. On top of that, you can use them to brush off any ‘gifts’ of nature! After all, the last thing you want is to have leaves stuck on your calves. Unless you are the nature kind of person then you can just leave it there.

#2 A Pair Of Comfortable Slippers

If you intend to have an outdoor shoot, chances are you are going to travel quite a fair bit, from one place to another. Walking in heels is exhausting and can even result in muscle cramps! That’s a definite no go.

Some of our brides found it unnecessary to bring their slippers and regretted on hindsight. It is understandable to see then need to wear the heels at all times because wearing slippers with a pretty dress is a sin. Well..almost ;D.

But don’t neglect your comfort over looking good!

At the end of the day, it makes more sense to feel comfortable and appear amazing than to appear amazing while your wobbly legs scream in pain and your sore feet are eager to reunite with the floor or anything flat!

On top of that, while sauntering around with a pair of slippers, you don’t need to worry about breaking your neck over the curb or a random object on the floor. That’s only if you are not that clumsy.

Credits: Pinterest

Credits: Pinterest

We know you girls out there are secretly worried that your heels or limbs may decide to have a life of it own and give way! Plops.

#3 Bite-Size Snacks!

Beware! Photo-shoots are not as easy as it seems. Not only does it take up a lot of time, it rapidly zaps up your energy.

This is ESPECIALLY to all female brides: We know you want to look slim in your photos! But never ever pinch on your meals in attempt to maintain your frame! Lets face it, It doesn’t work that way and it never will.

Besides, if you don’t have any food in your system, you will be much more restless. You might think that you can hide it. You might think you have the determination to swallow the hunger. You might think ‘this is worth it. Besides, I have make up to hide my lethargy’.

But the truth is, the camera is very capable of capturing every single emotion. Chances are, you are going to appear really lifeless in your photos and the beautiful moments will not be reflected in your eyes.

On top of that, imagine fainting during your photo shoot. In fact, this actually happened to one of our brides and according to our photographer, they had to cancel the photo shoot because she was too weak even stand, let alone proceed with schedule!

So can you imagine how heavy the consequences are?

Think about it. Not only will the photo shoot you have painstakingly prepared for is cancelled, you might even sustain an unnecessary injury (plus incurring hospital bills). If you are lucky, you might land on the soft mud and reduce the impact of the fall. BUT that’s only if you are that lucky.

PLUS…will your injury heal in time?! Having bandages, hand casts and random plasters will only make you appear abused rather than beautiful. Before you know it, your groom is accused of not taking good care of you. Poor fellow!

If you are that afraid of putting on weight, then pack cut fruits that are easy to chew. It is highly recommended to avoid fruits with strong colours as it might stain your outfits! Also, avoid fruits with tiny black seeds or leafy vegetables if you don’t wish to have them stuck between your teeth.

#4 Water Bottles (to be filled with Water!)

This is closely related to #3. As your photo shoot progresses, you will become dehydrated. Severe dehydration will impact on your abilities to pose as your physical and mental beings deteriorate.

The fatigue will set in like a plague and next thing you know, you will find your body disconnected from your brain. Moreover, your lips will begin to chap and your make up may even crack! Those two symptoms can never look good in photos, no matter how much photoshop is used.

It can be very difficult for those who don’t have the habit of drinking water to do this but we must emphasize that this is as important as bringing snacks along. In fact, it is of greater importance to continuously hydrate yourself throughout the day! Otherwise, you will find yourself dreading every single movement you make and your photo shoot will be a lot less enjoyable!

If you still find it terribly tedious to swallow water, then you can opt for infused water. Have some sliced fruits in your bottle and viola! You have healthy flavoured water ;D

Credit: Green Blender

Credit: Green Blender

#5 Insect Repellent

Imagine, you and your partner getting hyped up for your pre-wedding photography. Both of you are ready to do this and make the best out of it. As you guys position yourselves, all prepared to do the pose, a wild (and huge) beetle zooms past lands on your outfit and decided to call it home! You will probably scream and do anything to kill it. And when that’s done, you and your partner might have lost the momentum…

That may sound very lame, but it has happened to most of our couples! In fact, what most couples cannot stand is when ants crawl up their legs. What makes it worse is when the ants puncture the skin with their fangs.

That’s why it is highly recommended to bring along insect repellent! This is to ensure that no creepy crawlies has the opportunity or even the thought of coming near you! That way, you will be one step closer to a smooth sailing photo shoot without random mosquitos or grasshoppers or any creepy crawlies getting in the way!

And if you hate the smell of insect repellent, perhaps you can attach a frog on your head. Wouldn’t that be adorable?

Credit: Toon Pool

Credit: Toon Pool


Although the above 5 items must be packed, you can choose pack along other things. However, do try your best to keep your to-pack list as concise as possible. Remember, you are not going for a long holiday. You don’t need pack EVERYTHING along!

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