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Pandemic-Appropriate Wedding Gifts

Pandemic-Appropriate Wedding Gifts

The new normal doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. But the wedding needs to go on, and couples can’t wait forever. The guests at a wedding are precious, and their actions, thoughts, and gifts can lighten the mood for couples during these crazy times. So the big question in the minds of guests is: what’s the best wedding gift during the pandemic season?


Honestly, there is no model answer. However, we suggest that you consider the everyday needs of starting a new home and adulting milestone. Perhaps something appropriate for a housewarming party or health-related? It is an excellent time to view the practical side of things. 


So aside from red packets (which isn’t the most thoughtful gift on the planet), let’s look at wedding gifts that create a positive impact during the pandemic. It might not seem pretty or distinctly memorable, but the perfect gift will be useful for couples long after the wedding. 

Practical Pandemic Wedding Gifts #1: Cookware



Everyone needs to eat, and eating out in groups can be fun. Unfortunately, the pandemic makes it unappealing for people to get around, with masks, QR check-ins, and social-distancing limits. So it is natural that more couples prefer preparing their meals – after all, nothing beats a warm homecooked meal. Guests can support or promote the #homecookedmeal movement with alluring cookware as wedding gifts. 


Gone are the days of boring cookware with a metallic sheen, which reminds you of old-school tuckshops with foul-mannered cooks. Nowadays, there are so many pretty designs to choose from, which will instantly beautify a kitchen.  


Practical Pandemic Wedding Gifts #2: Reusable Masks



Masks, masks, masks. These facial accessories have become a mainstay in our wardrobes, whether we like it or not. It isn’t unusual to find a bride wearing a mask that matches her wedding gown on her big day. Most of our faces remain concealed under fabric for most of our wakeful hours. Ironically, some of us have taken the opportunity to express ourselves through standout mask designs. 


Why not grab some cool, high-quality reusable masks for the blessed couple? There are countless models to choose from, made from various materials that offer extra breathability and comfort. 


Reusable masks are available all over the internet, which makes it fuss-free to browse and shop for the perfect gift. Check out the collections from popular fashion brands like Levi’s and Gap for some eye-catching options. 


Practical Pandemic Wedding Gifts #3: Wine



Did you expect to see this timeless classic on our list? If so, good guess! If you’re getting wine as a wedding gift, opt for something aged that complements the occasion’s grandeur. Wine is a perfect gift filled with fantastic health benefits, thanks to a super antioxidant called resveratrol. And let’s not forget how enchanting the liquid looks when poured from a bottle (that’s why some brides heart burgundy wedding gowns).


Providing couples with wine carries a symbolic blessing of vitality, which means a lot during the pandemic. And be careful when choosing the harvest and grade of wine as not all products age well. Cabernet sauvignon and tempranillo are two timeless choices that taste better with time. 


Practical Pandemic Wedding Gifts #4: VR Sets



Traveling abroad seems like a distant dream these days. Yes, many couples dread that they won’t be enjoying their honeymoon as initially planned. But wait, guests, you guys can make some wanderlust dreams come true! No kidding. The wonders of VR – virtual reality, is unreal these days. And by unreal, we meant super realistic!


Misty mountains of Canada? No problem. Breathtaking view of the Taj Mahal? Sure thing! Couples can hook on a headset, hold hands, and travel anywhere in the world – and beyond (Hi Mars). Of course, we understand that virtual reality is not a 100% replacement for travel, but trust us, it will touch the hearts of honeymoon hopefuls. 


Oh, and remember to get a pair of headsets so that couples can experience the fantasy together. And if the price seems steep, chip in with other guests to provide a shared wedding present!




We at La Belle Couture believe that weddings should be pleasantly unforgettable regardless of the immediate situation. Bridal gowns, wedding photography, guests, decor, and everything else should fit well together like jigsaw pieces to form a mesmeric picture – a blissful marriage. 


Let’s have faith and work toward a brighter future with rainbows and sunshine – we will overcome your wedding woes together. 


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