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Perfecting the legendary wedding photography poses

Many couples often come to us with lists of questions on how they can better prepare for their pre wedding photography shoots, as they know the importance of the photos and it is only understandable as these are the pictures that they will be keeping for a lifetime. Also for many of us, it is highly likely that the day will be the only day of your lives that you will be taking so many photographs on top of your actual wedding day.

To help brides and grooms to be better prepare, we will be writing a series of posts on how to prepare for your pre wedding photo shoot. The topics to be covered will include:

  • Looking for locations for your wedding photoshoot
  • Planning the day’s itinerary that is realistic and also meets your needs
  • Props to prepare and the little things
  • What to practise and prepare for to make the most of your pre wedding photography

To keep things fun, we will kick start this series with tips to perfecting 2 beautifully classic poses that wedding couples always struggle with. If done right, your wedding photo will just exude so much romance! But if not, it will not only look very contrived, you will also cringe when you see the results.

Do you remember the famous photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt, taken on V-J Day, 1945 (from Life Magazine), where a sailor kissed a lady in white?

This is one very classic wedding photography pose.

Photo credit: Alfred Eisenstaedt, taken on V-J Day, 1945 (from Life Magazine)

Here are the steps to perfect this pose looking effortless:

  • Grooms you will need to give very good support on your bride’s waist. Best for one had on the waist and one to provide support on the back. For the other hand, try not to be like this sailor and cover your bride’s face

  • Bride to adjust your footing, one in front and one at the back. Don’t do it with both legs firmly on the ground.
  • Don’t go into the pose and hold it here for the wedding photographer to say 1-2-3. Rather, get ready in normal standing position and go to the pose upon the count of 3. The pose will be more natural. If you absolutely have to stay there, make sure brides you do watch out for your neck to loosen it and not look very strained.

  • Brides do loosen your arm that is facing the camera. You can also hold hands together

  • If bending is really not your thing, create the illusion of the effect. Grooms, scoop your brides up

More examples:

The next popular one is the one where the groom carries the bride and sometimes makes a twirl (perfect for a wedding gown with a nice train!)


Steps to perfect this pose without trying too many times:

  • Grooms – we are warning you here: DO NOT complain about your wife’s weight. This is a sure fire way to get a piercing look from her, and trust us, she will remember it (From our many couples’ feedback!) if weight is really an issue, bend your knees slightly, tilt your body a little backwards and allow your whole body to cushion the weight.

  • Grooms – while we all know you are exerting strength, be aware of your expression. Some grooms have a very pained look and some have their eyes very tightly shut – all ingredients of a failed shot

  • You don’t have to carry your brides very high up. Here are pictures of brides being lifted over various heights. If you cannot carry very high up, you can lift your bride with a spin. Brides, if your groom carries you very high (if he lifts you up at the knee), throw your head back with a happy smile. Don’t look down and create a double chin in the meantime. Only do the cross looking pose if you are just slightly higher than him. See examples

  • Brides – kick one feet (not both feet, and certainly don’t keep 2 feet down) up for a natural look. Especially if you are wearing a wedding gown with a long train, send the train flying with a dreamy motion effect with your leg kicking the train

Practice makes perfect! Try out the tips above and let us have your comments below!

Send your questions to: blog @ and get your questions answered 🙂

Photo credit otherwise stated: La Belle Couture

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